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Cleaning agents for finishing textiles have already belonged to the core competence of CHT for decades.

In 2008, our know-how and years of experience in textile finishing could be successfully transferred to plastic recycling.

In the meantime, the CHT Group has become an established player in the increasing plastic recycling market (e.g. PET | PE/HDPE | Polymer Recycling PP, PS, ABS, PC) thanks to its innovative products and strong customer orientation.

We strongly focus on producing sustainable process aids. Products of the CHT Group which are used in the recycling process can be eliminated from the wastewater and are thus environmentally friendly.


Market situation in PET recycling

Crude oil prices which are permanently changing but with an upward trend, the growing consumption of PET bottles as well as society‘s increasing environmental awareness determine the permanent growth of PET recycling. In 2015, the worldwide consumption of PET bottles amounted to approx. 20 million tons with 54 % of them being recycled.

A used plastic bottle serves as raw material for new products. Most frequently recycled PET is used as fibrous material for textiles (approx. 70 %), new bottles (approx. 12 %) as well as plastic films (approx. 10 %).

The CHT Group is your ideal partner in this growing market because we offer intelligent, sustainable and efficient auxiliaries.


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