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Systematic competence

Are your washing results satisfying or do you have to accept compromises between quality and profitability? Is your process gentle, so that it prolongs the lifetime of textiles? Do you exploit the full washing potential in terms of cleanliness, whiteness degree, handle and finishing behaviour? How much attention do you pay to the environment?

The CHT Group supplies its customers in the field of textile care not only with high quality products but also with innovative system solutions including dosing systems.

Our expertise throughout the textile chain enables us to provide tailor-made system solutions with the CHT Wash Solutions. They are based on vast know-how in chemistry, processing and dosing technique as well as on a coordinated knowledge exchange with machine manufacturers, so that they directly meet your demands.

CHT Wash Solutions are based on the simple principle that only the chemical quantities which are absolutely necessary are used for washing – dependent on the laundry type and the soiling degree.

The CHT Wash Solutions System individually combines all necessary components. Detergent surfactants, alkali, sequestering agents and optical brighteners are only dosed upon demand and in the correct quantity: This brings optimal washing results in line with economic and ecological aspects.

Products for finishing the laundry with a great number of innovative elements supplement the system.

Perfect solutions for your laundry

  • A complete range of innovative products for all fields of modern textile care
  • Compact and efficient dosing system
  • Expertise throughout the complete textile chain
  • Complete service concerning laboratory analysis, advice and training, environmental and product safety
  • Tailor-made system solutions


We support the following applications with our products


  • Processing of bed linen (DEHA)
  • Textile care companies

Special application fields

  • Nursing home textiles
  • Working clothes coloured
  • Working clothes white
  • Feathers and down
  • Unwashed feathers and down
  • Textiles for gastronomy
  • Textiles for hotels
  • Hospital textiles
  • Synthetic filling material

Products and assortments

Agents improving the whiteness degree

Auxiliaries for achieving a higher whiteness degree on feathers and down.

Alkaline buffers

Auxiliaries for adjusting alkaline pH values in washing liquors for improving the soil release, for fibre swelling and for activating the bleaching agents and disinfectants.

Antistatic agents

Auxiliaries for improving the antistatic properties of natural fibres.

Bleaching agents/ disinfectants

Auxiliaries for thorough stain removal, an optimal whiteness degree and a reliable disinfection.


Highly efficient, liquid surfactant formulations for removing persistent blood and fat soiling on bed feathers, down, pillows and duvets.


Auxiliaries for improving the soil release in case of special soil types, e.g. soil containing proteins (proteases).

Finishing agents

Stiff handle effects of different strength with an excellent running behaviour on the mangle; based on natural starches.

Water repellency / oil repellency

Auxiliaries for achieving water-repellent effects on feathers, down or textiles.


Hygienic finish

Auxiliaries which prevent washed textiles from being attacked again by bacteria after the disinfectant washing process.

Neutralisation agents

Auxiliaries for neutralising alkaline washing liquors and for achieving skin neutral pH values in the last rinsing bath. Additional improvement of the mangle behaviour.

Odour eliminating agents

Auxiliaries for removing unpleasant odours on bed feathers and down.

Optical brighteners

Auxiliaries for achieving highest whiteness degrees and highest purity.

Protective finish

Highly efficient, yielding compounds for the stain release finish at high and low temperatures.

Also available as fluorocarbon-free variant.

Sequestering agents

Auxiliaries which prevent washed textiles from being attacked again by bacteria after the disinfectant washing process.


Auxiliaries for relubricating natural fibres and for improving the running properties on the mangle.


Auxiliaries for achieving a soft fabric handle. Some products allow shorter drier times.

Wetting agents

Concentrated, liquid surfactant formulations with a high wetting power and a very good fat and oil emulsifying capacity for highest demands on the protection against fat in the gastronomy or for work wear in the metal processing industry.


Sector German title English title Type Date Language
Textile Care SolutionsWaschkompetenz mit SystemWash competence with systemBrochure29.05.2015
Textile Care SolutionsSMARTEC WaschverfahrenSMARTEC washing systemBrochure18.11.2014
Textile Care SolutionsSMART PROTECTION PLUS ProzessSMART PROTECTION PLUS processBrochure18.11.2014
Textile Care SolutionsNatürliche Reinheit mit BEICLEAN NATURALNatural cleanliness with BEICLEAN NATURALBrochure20.01.2015
Textile Care SolutionsDesinfizierende WäschepflegeDisinfectant laundry careBrochure18.11.2014
Textile Care SolutionsBEISOFT WeichspülkonzentratBEISOFT laundry concentrate Brochure18.11.2014

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