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Innovative process chemicals

As a reliable partner to the paper and pulp industry we formulate innovative and sustainable special chemicals for paper and pulp production, water recycling as well as paper finishing. With our modern, environmentally friendly chemical additives we set new standards.

Due to intense research and development as well as the comprehension of our customers‘ needs we always offer new, tailor-made products and solutions for the paper and pulp markets.

We analyse processes on site. With our profound technical know-how we work out individual optimisation concepts on the base of our modern product range.

We take our time for you and focus our work on your technical and economic demands and your economic success. In the industrial segments packaging and graphic papers, tissue papers, pulp, special papers, decor papers, laminates and adhesives we develop tailor-made solutions.
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We support the following applications with our products


  • Paper industry

Special application fields

  • Pulp
  • Tissue papers
  • Packaging, printing and writing papers
  • Specialty Papers
  • Laminates
  • Decor papers

Products and assortments

Anti-blocking agents

Anti-blocking agents for preventing products from sticking together during storage

Antiscalants for preventing inorganic scales

Barrier coatings

Fluorocarbon-free barrier coatings for repelling water vapour, mineral oil, grease and oil

Biocides for inhibiting annoying microorganisms
Cleaning and conditioning agents

Cleaning and conditioning agents for preventing soil particles from depositing

For promoting and optimizing the efficiency of flocculants.

Coating colours

Coating colours to improve printability and surface smoothness
Anti-dust agents

Anti-dust agents for preventing dust during the process

Defoamers and deaerators

Defoamers for inhibiting foam and preventing foam in liquid resins or cleaning baths

Dry strength resins

Dry strength resins for increasing the strength

Enzymes for saving refining energy and increasing the strength

Fixing agents

Additives for fixing anionic disturbing substances and for increasing the effects of retention agents.


Flocculants for recycling process water and wastewater


Hardeners for activating the resin system
Release agents

Release agents for a quick release out of the press
Retention agents

Retention agents for an optimal drainage

Sensitizers for optimising the heat conductive coat

Sequestrants for stabilising bleaching processes and increasing the whiteness degree


Softeners for a soft and gentle skin sensation
Sticky control additives

Sticky control additives for decomposing and inhibiting sticky deposits
Surface effect additives

Surface effect additives for an optimal surface slip, gloss and softness
Wet strength resins

Wet strength resins for stabilising wet paper
Wetting agents

Wetting agents for an optimal penetration and surface levelling 
Yankee coatings

Yankee coatings for an optimal creping


Sector German title English title Type Date Language
Paper SolutionsLeistungsfähige ProzesschemikalienEffective process chemicalsBrochure18.11.2014

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