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Sustainability as a strategy

Obligation and opportunity at the same time

We see sustainable management and activity as an obligation to coming generations and, at the same time, as an opportunity for a successful long-term future. We therefore combine economic success and growth with responsibility for People, Planet and Performance (3P-Model) as part of our global corporate strategy.

Our focus is on the development of products and processes that aim to contribute to sustainable value creation in industrial processes. As a result, the proportion of ECO Range products that make a particular contribution to sustainability in the CHT Group's value chains has increased significantly in recent years and will continue to rise in the future.

Strategy 2025

Corner stones for the future

Overall, we have identified and prioritized numerous relevant sustainability aspects as corner stones for our group of companies, which served as guiding principles for the formulation of our corporate goals in 2020. With the Strategy 2025, the CHT Group has set the course for an ambitious and at the same time sustainable growth policy.

In many subject areas, such as supplier evaluation, optimal raw material selection, innovative product development, corporate social responsibility or resource-saving processes, we do our best in many ways to foster sustainability - every day anew.

Our corporate strategy defines a consistently sustainable yet challenging path worldwide until 2025. The goals for the continuation of profitable growth are divided into financial, non-financial and cultural target areas. All CHT Group's corporate goals are linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and contribute to the realization of these overarching landmarks.


Our goals

Our Vision

CHT Group, the preferred partner and leading reference for sustainable chemical solutions in our worldwide markets.

Why we consistently act sustainably?

  • To contribute to the social progress of society as an employer and business partner.
  • To minimize ecological, economic and personal risks through far-sighted action.
  • To open up additional business opportunities.
  • To expand the trusting relationship with our stakeholders.
  • To be the preferred partner and leading reference for sustainable chemical solutions in our global markets.

Our guard rails

The United Nations has set 17 development goals that set the course for how humanity will deal with the greatest challenges of the future. These goals are intended to ensure the preservation of the world and economy, but also healthy nutrition and a life free of poverty. To meet global challenges, our society needs chemical innovations more than ever. Many of our developments, and our matching expertise, can help achieve the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

As a responsible, foundation-led business enterprise and as a member of the UN Global Compact, it is therefore essential for us at CHT to ensure that the Group's target orientation contributes to these goals in the best possible way. We have defined 11 of the 17 goals for which we see the greatest relevance within the fields of action we have defined.

Sustainable Development Goals



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