Fibre auxiliaries | Spin finishes


Indispensable process auxiliaries

Fibres, yarns and threads are exposed to many different and often changing mechanical and thermal strains. Friction is found throughout the process chain, from extrusion of the polymer melt to winding up of the twisted thread.
Spin finishes and lubricants are therefore an elementary prerequisite for an economic production and further processing of synthetic and natural fibres.

More safety and quality

Our fibre auxiliaries or spin finishes control the friction and the electrostatic charge. They serve as efficient process aids on the interface of fibre/material and machine part. Our product range offers the best solution for your spinning processes.
​Not only high quality yarns result, but also a high throughput, only little waste, short downtimes as well as clean machines and spinning halls.



We support the following applications with our products


  • Automotives and transportation
  • Man-made fibre industry
  • Yarn industry
  • Cosmetics and hygienics
  • Medical auxiliaries
  • Nonwovens
  • Recycling industry
  • Carpet industry
  • Packaging industry

Special application fields

  • Sanitary towels
  • Fibre auxiliaries
  • Packagings for food
  • Surgical textiles
  • Textiles for interiors
  • Diapers and incontinence products

Products and assortments

Spin finishes for filaments

Spin finishes for filaments are process auxiliaries in primary spinning which ensure a smooth spinning process. They adjust the friction profile which is needed for the spinning process and in this way ensure that the desired filament properties are achieved. They protect the filament from tribo-thermic damage and prevent static charge. The spin finishes protect the further processing of filament yarns like weaving or tufting and control the wetting behaviour and the handle properties.

Spin finishes for staple fibres

Spin finishes for staple fibres first of all assure a smooth fibre production with only little waste and help to adjust fibre properties like strength and crimping. Staple fibre preparations are also very important in further processing of staple fibres. A large range of special products can comply with the requirements of the various further processing technologies as well as the many different end fibre applications.

Finishes for spunbonds

Finishes for nonwovens that primarily impart functionality. They control e.g. the moisture management as well as the softness of hygienic nonwovens. Nonwovens can be finished with cosmetic plant extracts or be given a bacteriostatic finish.

Spin finishes for tapes

Spin finishes for tapes cover the polymer surface without splashing and in this way protect from dust formation in the extrusion and further processing of tapes.

Our products include preparations for tufting ground fabric and artificial turf where compatibility with the latex is important as well as products which comply with the regulations of FDA and EU 10/2011 for food contact.

Needlefelt lubricants

Needlefelt lubricants have an antistatic effect and allow for high carding speeds during the production of nonwovens. They reduce the needle penetration force and ensure longer needle standing times as well as nonwoven solidification with low breakage.

Finishes for secondary spinning

Secondary finishes guarantee an efficient processing of natural and synthetic fibres or their mixtures to yarns. Our assortment contains products for all common technologies of ring spinning and open end spinning. Our VITAGON products impart a pleasant soft handle and decrease the hairiness of the yarns.

Coning oils

Coning oils, also called shearing, weft, yarn or texturizing oils, are gliding agents that guarantee a smooth rewinding and winding process. Aside from the classical coning oils based on mineral oil, our assortment also contains biodegradable products with low emission values.

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