Helping is
part of life

Reinhold Beitlich Foundation

Reinhold Beitlich Stiftung

„Helping is part of life“

The Reinhold Beitlich foundation was established by Mr. and Mrs. Beitlich in 1983. The founders disposed of most of their assets in order to establish the foundation with this capital. The Reinhold Beitlich Foundation is a non-profit organization and embodies the founder's social aspirations to support the common good.

The foundation of the financial commitment to education, social welfare, the environment, science and research are annual payments made by the CHT company to the Reinhold Beitlich Foundation.

Since the 1980s, more than 12 million Euros have been invested in charitable projects and a great deal could be achieved. In 2017 alone, 246 projects and measures were supported by the foundation, and the number is growing every year.

Reinhold Beitlich Foundation

The support program

Children are our future. They will determine the path our society will take in the future.

Where this path leads depends to a decisive extent on the opportunities we give young people. For this reason, the couple Gertrud and Reinhold Beitlich defined the foundation goal for the benefit of children and young people.

Social vision

"Children are our future. They will determine the
path our society will take in the future."
- Reinhold Beitlich

Examples of funded projects

Social area

  • After-care clinic Tannheim | Gertrud Beitlich House
  • Family House Tübingen | Reinhold Beitlich House - Brother and Sister Day Care Center
  • Registered Association Supporting Cancer Suffering Children | Different projects
  • Children's Hospital Tuebingen | Hospital Clowns, Initiative “Sick Children on the Net”
  • German Child Protection Association | Various prevention projects (addiction, sexual violence)
  • Diaspora Houses | Child care

Help abroad

  • Tanzania | Maasai Pre-School
  • India | Girls’ School Khadigram
  • Bangladesh | Gisela Hospital (Mother and Child Hospital)
  • South Africa | Malvern Children’s Home Durban
  • Afghanistan | Registered Association of Cabilla
  • Colombia | Sports Education in Medellin - and many more


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The Founder's will of Reinhold Beitlich
Der Stifterwille von Reinhold Beitlich