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The CHT product portfolio contains modified silicone components for producing high quality functional solutions for several industrial applications such as e.g. textile auxiliaries, release agents and additives for the lubricant industry. Special carbinol-modified silicones are interesting for the polyurethane backbone modification whereas organo-modified or PDMS silicones are used as defoamers. Our silicone polyether range is widely used as emulsifying agents in many aqueous processing systems.

Silicones provide smoothness, water repellency, antistatic behaviour. Due to their specific chemical structure they additionally protect against corrosion or deformation and reduce maintenance costs in the lubricant industry. The CHT silicones improve the production process or form an anti-friction film with non-sticky semi-permanent properties.

Our excellent and well equipped R&D laboratories are supporting our customers with tailor-made solutions for several industrial sectors considering the international market trends.

Besides a wide range of aminosiloxanes, the most important product group consists of organo-modified siloxanes such as polyether siloxanes, silicone quats, silicone waxes, hydroxyl-functional siloxanes, but also a wide range of special PDMS emulsions with different molecular weight or emulsifier systems for several market requirements.

Achieve high performance results with our CHT product range for formulators.

Application Fields

  • Additives in formulations for textile production and for finishing processes
  • Additives for the release agent market
  • Antifoams for industrial uses
  • Levelling and wetting agents for industrial processes
  • Additives for the lubricant industry


Properties and Effects

  • More efficiency in industrial processes
  • Handle modification/smoothness
  • Water repellency
  • Hydrophilicity
  • Surface smoothness effects
  • Non-stick and lubricant effect
  • Antistatic or anti-soiling effect
  • Foam prevention
  • Abrasion resistance


Chemical Base

  • Amino siloxanes
  • Silicone quats
  • Polyether siloxanes
  • Carbinol siloxanes
  • Silicone waxes
  • Carboxy siloxanes


Key industries

  • Formulators textile auxiliaries
  • Rubber and plastics industry
  • Release agents industry
  • Lubricant industry
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Industrial applications


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