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Our product portfolio contains modified silicone components for producing high quality functional formulations for industrial use, as for example textile auxiliaries, additives for the lubricant industry or to produce releasing agents, special silicones for the polyurethane technology. Silicones provide smoothness, water repellency, an antistatic behaviour, a lubricant effect or modify the polymer chain for a specific use.

With our excellent and well equipped laboratory we support our customers with tailor-made solutions providing formulations for several industrial sectors. Besides a wide range of aminosiloxanes, the most important product group consists of organo-modified siloxanes like polyether siloxanes, silicone quats, silicone waxes, hydroxyl functional siloxanes.

Modified siloxanes are also often applied for defoaming in industrial processes, e.g. for preliminary defoaming or post-defoaming.

Achieve high performance results in your processes with CHT products for formulators.

Application Fields

  • Additives in formulations for textile production and in finishing processes
  • Antifoams for industrial uses
  • Levelling and wetting agents for industrial processes
  • Additives for the lubricant industry


Properties and Effects

  • More efficiency in industrial processes
  • Handle modification/smoothness
  • Water repellency
  • Hydrophilicity
  • Antistatic or anti-soiling effect
  • Foam prevention
  • Abrasion resistance

Chemical Base

  • Amino siloxanes
  • Silicone quats
  • Polyether siloxanes
  • Carbinol siloxanes
  • Silicone waxes
  • Carboxy siloxanes


We support the following applications with our products


  • Formulators

Special applications

  • Additives
  • Hydrophilicity
  • Lubricants
  • Oil and water repellency
  • Silicone components
  • Silicone-based raw materials
  • Soft handle
  • Surface functionalisation

Products and assortments

Amino siloxanes

Amino-functionalized polydimethyl siloxanes are applied in various industries and applications for achieving softness, water repellence or smoothness. The amino-functional silicones are especially produced as microemulsion or macroemulsion with excellent shear stability.
Hydrophilic agents

Siloxanes with polar modification are excellent components to formulate hydrophilic textile softeners or other hydrophilic products.
Polyether siloxanes

Polyether siloxanes are silicone polymers with grafted ethylene oxide/ propylene oxide segments. This modification of the hydrophobic siloxane chain leads to products, which are water-soluble to water-dispersible and which have a distinct surface activity. This product class is applied as substrate wetting agents, flow agents or defoamers.
Silicone quats

Silicone quats are silicone polymers, which are functionalized with quaternary ammonium groups. They are preferably applied as textile softeners.
Silicone waxes

Silicone waxes are polydimethyl siloxanes functionalized with alkyl groups. The latter may vary in their molar mass and concentration. Liquid up to solid components are offered for improving water-repellency or as touch modifiers.
Soft handle agents

Modified siloxanes are the most frequently applied active substance for modern textile finishing. No matter if with a hydrophilic or hydrophobic adjustment, they produce a pleasant soft, velvet-like handle on any textile substrate.
Water repellency / oil repellency

Water-repellent treatment is a standard finishing process for the modern industry. Our water-repellent silicones impart high water repellency giving a soft handle on textiles or other substrates. By applying our modified siloxanes portfolio you can replace the use of fluorine compounds for protecting materials.


Sector German title English title Type Date Language
General Industrial SolutionsSilikonspezialitäten für FormuliererSpeciality silicones for formulatorsBrochure16.01.2015

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