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Code of Conduct of the CHT Group

This Code of Conduct comprises the most important basic rules and principles of our company. It provides a framework of orientation and applies equally to each of us - to the management, executives and to each individual employee.

In our business activities and our conduct, we observe the law.

Conduct with responsibility, lawfulness and integrity is of highest importance for our company’s reputation and the confidence of our business partners and of the public. Together we are responsible for the reputation of our company.

If there are any hints or indications of violations of the rules of our Code, guidelines and/or laws, these will be reported to the responsible and/or superior manager who will investigate the facts and immediately bring them to the attention of the RBI Management Board. Remedial action is to be taken immediately and the violations are to be punished appropriately.

The Code of Conduct applies equally to all companies of the CHT Group. The managers of the domestic and foreign companies of the CHT Group are responsible for the implementation and communication of this guideline as well as for monitoring its observance.

The managers must set an example of integrity by their conduct and ensure that their assigned staff members understand the requirements of the Code, participate in all necessary training measures and get the necessary support from their respective organisations to comply with the Code of Conduct.

We expect our business partners to comply with the same standards that we apply to ourselves or with their own equivalent requirements in their own codes.

Tübingen, April 2021
CHT Management



CHT Group Code of Conduct
Verhaltenskodex der CHT Gruppe


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