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Social responsibility

Social responsibility

The focus is on people.

The social responsibility of the CHT Group does not end at the factory gates of our plants and our own staff. Since the mid-1980s, the CHT Group has been a foundation-supported company with pronounced social aspirations.

The Reinhold Beitlich Foundation is a non-profit organization. It embodies the social aspirations of the CHT founder, through its comprehensive financial support for education, social welfare, the environment, science and research. 

The basis of the commitment are annual payouts from the earnings of the CHT Group to the Reinhold Beitlich Foundation. In total, more than 14 million Euros have thus been invested in charitable causes since the 1980s.

The founder's will of Reinhold Beitlich

Company founder Reinhold Beitlich, together with his wife Gertrud, already parted with some of his assets during his lifetime and contributed them to two foundations that were established in the 1980s. Along with this measure, Reinhold Beitlich formulated a binding founder's will.

  • The group of companies shall pay attention to the preservation of the assets.
  • A part of the profit should benefit people in terms of social and societal responsibility.
  • As an innovative, sustainable and profitable company, the CHT Group creates the economic conditions for this.
  • The foundations are intended to last for generations.

The management is committed to the founder's will and ensures the economic independence of the CHT Group together with the board of the Beitlich Family Foundation.

Social engagement through the Reinhold Beitlich Foundation

In accordance with the founder's intentions, the Reinhold Beitlich Foundation supports and sponsors:

  • Education and training of the young, youth care and the protection of children,
  • Care for ill young people and those with special needs, orphanages, research projects for the medical treatment of children and the young,
  • Science and research in the field of chemistry,
  • Research projects on renewable raw materials


Reinhold Beitlich Foundation

Our company is a member of the UN GLOBAL COMPACT of the United Nations and is committed to responsible corporate governance with integrity.

We act sustainably and socially, in accordance with the 10 GLOBAL COMPACT principles for dealing with human rights, labor standards, environmental protection and corruption prevention.

Global Compact

CHT Group's Human Rights Declaration, published in 2023, clarifies our fundamental commitment to respecting human rights.

The principles mentioned apply to our own business activities and all employees of CHT Group. In addition, we also expect our suppliers and other business partners to commit to comply with above principles and appropriate process to respect human rights. Compliance with the human rights declaration is a prerequisite for lasting business relationships with the CHT Group.


The CHT Group's Code of Conduct provides further evidence of our responsible business practices.

It sets standards and describes the expectations of all employees, but also business partners, for responsible, legally compliant and honest behavior in their day-to-day activities.




Human Rights Declaration of CHT Group
Menschenrechtserklärung der CHT Gruppe


CHT Group Code of Conduct
Verhaltenskodex der CHT Gruppe


The Founder's will of Reinhold Beitlich
Der Stifterwille von Reinhold Beitlich


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