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Colours send out signals and offer us a big selection for creative design. They give textiles a special meaning: The fashion world wouldn’t be what it is without colours. Textile materials are dyed with textile dyes in aqueous media. Together with the dyes, dyeing auxiliaries help to achieve even dyeing results.

Strong interplay of substances

With our extensive product range you can get the utmost out of your colours. Our dyeing auxiliaries impart the desired depth and brilliance to colours. They help for the necessary colour fastness and for maintaining their colour without fading – so that brilliance and colour depth are preserved for a long time.

Continuous new developments of products and processes help to save time, water and energy. In this way you have an optimal colour yield, less costs and lower CO2 emission.


We support the following applications with our products


  • Automotives and transportation
  • Yarn industry
  • Home textiles
  • Jeans and garment treatment
  • Medical auxiliaries
  • Shoe industry
  • Socks and stockings producers
  • Technical textiles
  • Carpet industry
  • Textile finishing

Processes and effects

  • Dyeing

Special application fields

  • Functional household towels
  • Medical cotton
  • Surgical textiles
  • Ortheses and stockings
  • Moulded footwear treatment
  • Textiles for interiors
  • Dressing materials

Products and assortments

Auxiliaries for padding and continuous processes

Additives such as wetting agents, migration prevention agents and dispersing agents.

Crease prevention agents

Impart the fabric in wet processes with good gliding properties and decrease the mechanical impacts during the dyeing processes. Minimise creases, abrasion marks and mechanical damages.

Dispersing agents

Maintain the dyes in padder and dyeing baths in fine distribution and prevent disturbing precipitations.


For achieving smooth and lint-free cellulose fibre surfaces.

Fastness improving agents

Aftertreatment agent for improving the colour fastnesses.


For decolouring coloured waste water.

Levelling agents

For an even absorption and dyeing and for avoiding dyeing unlevelness.

Machine cleaners

Cleaning agents for removing hard to dissolve deposits, dyes, oligomers and other precipitations from dyeing machines and plants.

Oxidation and reduction agents

Auxiliaries for preventing undesired reduction of dyes and for cleaning after the dyeing process.

Peroxide killers

Additives for destroying peroxide residues after pre-bleaching to prevent negative impact and dye destruction during dyeing.

pH regulators

Buffer systems, alkali and acid donors for a safe adjustment of the pH value in the process.

Sequestering agents

For removing alkaline earth and heavy metal ions for optimal dyeing results.

Soaping agents

Removal of unfixed dyestuff residues.


Sector German title English title Type Date Language
Textile Auxiliary Solutions4SUCCESS - Nachhaltig bleichen und färben4SUCCESS - Sustainable bleaching and dyeingBrochure08.09.2017

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