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Obligation and opportunity at the same time.

We see sustainable management and activity as an obligation to coming generations and, at the same time, as an opportunity for a successful long-term future. That is why our corporate strategy has long combined economic success with social and ecological responsibility.

The fundament of our actions

As a foundation-owned group of companies, we also consider sustainability and social responsibility to be part of our heritage, which is the basis for our actions as a global business enterprise. In detail, our annually published Sustainability Report provides you with current facts and figures and all the information you need about our sustainable ideas and practices.

Sustainability Report

Why sustainability is so important to us

We consistently act sustainably, ...

  • to contribute to the social progress of society as an employer and business partner.
  • to minimize ecological, economic and personal risks through far-sighted action.
  • to open up additional business opportunities.
  • to expand the trusting relationship with our stakeholders.
  • to be the preferred partner and leading reference for sustainable chemical solutions in our global markets.

Sustainability at management level

The central decision-making body for sustainability issues within the CHT Group is the Steering Committee. It accompanies projects and their progress as well as individual measures within the framework of the sustainability commitment and makes target-oriented decisions. In addition to the regular communication of sustainability-related activities to all stakeholders, which include our employees, the supervisory board as well as our business partners and NGOs, the committee contributes to the clear positioning of our company as a reliable and credible partner in the market.

Steering Committee members:

  • Dr. Frank Naumann | CEO CHT Group
  • Dr. Bernhard Hettich | CTO CHT Group
  • Phil McDermott | CTO CHT USA Inc.
  • Dr. Annegret Vester | CSO CHT Group
  • Dr. Harald Lutz | Manager Sustainability
  • Michael Wellhäusser | Chairman of the Works Council CHT Germany GmbH

Examples of sustainable products from our range

Plant-based fat and oil barrier for paper.

A textile softener that gives recycled silicones a new use.

A soaping agent that saves water, time and energy in the textile dyeing process.

Ecoprint by CHT:
A compostable textile printing system.

OrganIQ EMS Jeans:
Ecological Modular System for Jeans finishing.

Sustainable solutions for high-performance, functional textiles.

Sustainability – with success

In 2018 and 2019, CHT Germany won the Responsible Care medium-sized company Award of the VCI (German Chemical Industry Association) for these initiatives and projects:

  • Reduction of the use of critical raw materials
  • Responsibility from the purchase of raw materials to the customer's product



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