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Forward-looking sustainability

We are developing modern, sustainable products and resource-efficient processes each day around the world to help protect people and the planet, while running a successful business at the same time. We take into account the environmental impact of all our decisions. We are leading the way as an innovative partner for efficient, environmentally friendly solutions and we actively support our customers as they too move forward. In line with our 3P approach, we always try to keep an eye on all key perspectives. Our commitment to sustainability therefore encompasses the 3 dimensions - people, planet and performance.


As a foundation-owned company, CHT is acutely aware of its responsibilities to society and the environment. Our sustainable business strategy ensures we are making contributions along the entire value chain, thereby fulfilling our commitment to employees, society, the preservation of resources and environmental protection. Our principles and goals remain consistent at all our locations worldwide.


The holistic approach of the CHT Group

The "3Ps" of sustainability are the central element of our business activities and must be considered and evaluated in all our activities.

As a foundation-owned company, it is our clear goal to contribute to a sustainable future in which ecological, social and economic aspects are always in harmony with each other. This is why we always think and act in three dimensions, because the three aspects of people, planet and performance are equally important and mutually dependent.

Together with our employees, customers, partners and society, we are actively and holistically committed to sustainable development.

Sustainability Report

Transparency across the board

As an internationally active specialty chemicals company, we want to communicate openly and transparently. For this reason, we are committed to open and comprehensive reporting on our activities and performance in terms of sustainable corporate governance.

In our annual sustainability report, you will find the latest facts and figures as well as all the information on our global sustainability commitment and areas of action.

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Sustainability Management

Sustainability at Management level

The central decision-making body for sustainability issues within the CHT Group is the Steering Committee. It accompanies projects and their progress as well as individual measures within the framework of the sustainability commitment and makes target-oriented decisions.

In addition to the regular communication of sustainability-related activities to all stakeholders, which include our employees, the supervisory board as well as our business partners and NGOs, the committee contributes to the clear positioning of our company as a reliable and credible partner in the market.

Steering Committee members:

  • Prof. Dr. Klaus R. Müller | CEO CHT Group
  • Dr. Annegret Vester | CSO CHT Group
  • Phil McDermott | CTO CHT USA Inc.
  • Dr. Detlef Mölm | Head of Compliance, Management Systems & Analytics CHT Group
  • Michael Wellhäusser | Chairman of the Works Council CHT Germany GmbH

"Developing water-saving solutions has become our technological core competence."

Smart Chemistry by CHT

Examples of sustainable products and process solutions


A textile softener that gives recycled silicones a new use.

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