Jeans and Garment


From working clothes to trousers with cult status

Today, jeans belong to the basics of every wardrobe no matter if young or old and still they remain in vogue year after year.In one season they look classically clean, then wild and destroyed. Hardly any piece of clothing is so versatile and authentic.

Much is happening in the field of non-wovens, too. From artistic colour applications to denim-like used effects, from amazing handle variations to functionalization. The market steadily calls for new input.

It is our aim to support you with innovative and powerful dyes and auxiliaries so that you can sustainably position yourself on the market. No matter if economic and ecological basic treatments, classical dyeing or trendy special effects, we have the right auxiliary for every look.

Treatment of the upper shoe

Canvas shoes have become very popular. Shoes with a textile upper part are found in all society classes in the meantime. With CHT products and with our finish proposals these shoes can be designed individually.

The upper part of the shoe which is mostly made of a durable fabric can be treated with many different techniques. Washing, bleaching and dyeing is done in drum washing machines and stone wash effects are created on denim materials. Slush (gel) bleaching and dyeing can be done as well.

By means of spray application many different modern coatings can be applied onto the upper part of the shoe. No matter if leather effects, suede effects, gloss effects, glitter effects, etc. the possibilities are nearly without limits.


We support the following applications with our products


  • Jeans and garment treatment
  • Shoe industry

Processes and effects

  • Biopolishing
  • Bleaching
  • Desizing
  • Dyeing
  • Indigo fixation
  • Synthetic resin finish
  • Oil and water repellency
  • Pigment dyeing
  • Polymer applications
  • Special effects coating
  • Special effects bleaching and dyeing
  • Stonewash
  • Washing/dispersing
  • Soft handle

Special application fields

  • Moulded footwear treatment

Products and assortments


Auxiliaries for increasing the bleaching effect of hypochlorite and permanganate.



Auxiliaries for adhering patches or films for stylish effects.

Agents for fastness improvement

Aftertreatment agents for improving the fastnesses of all kinds of dyeings.


Optimal, enzymatic removal of starch sizes.

Anti-backstaining and washing agents

Detergents for the effective cleaning of any sort of garment articles and auxiliaries to reduce the backstaining in denim washing plants.

Auxiliaries for special effects

Process auxiliaries for special effects in dyeing, bleaching and coating.


Polymer formulations in many different applications for special effects on garment articles such as pigment binding, strength improvement of synthetic resin applications, gloss finishes etc.

Bleaching agents

With organIQ BLEACH, the first organic bleaching system for denim and non-denim, the often desired used effects can be achieved by spraying with distinct ecological advantages. organIQ replaces KMnO4.

Cationic pretreatment

Products for cationic mordanting for subsequent dyeing with pigments or other anionically charged dyestuffs.

Cellulase biopolish

Enzyme formulations for antipilling treatment of garment articles made of cellulosic materials and their mixtures with synthetics.

Cellulase stonewash

Enzyme formulations for achieving used and stonewash effects on denim articles.

Crease prevention agents

Minimizing crease marks and mechanical damages in pretreatment and dyeing on drum wash machines.

Defoamers and deaerators

Auxiliaries for minimizing foam formation in various process steps. Improvements of the wetting effects in treatment baths.

Dispersing agents

Auxiliaries for application in dyeing to disperse pigments and dyestuff particles, but also hard water.

Fixing agents

Crosslinking agents for fastness improvement of polymer applications.

Shimmer and glitter effects

Paste formulations for stylish coatings with gloss, mother-of-pearl, metallic or glitter effects.


Enzymatic bleaching agent for the ecological dyeing of indigo-dyed garment articles.

Levelling agents

Dyeing auxiliaries to prevent unlevelness, also around seams.

Machine additives

Auxiliaries for cleaning drum washing machines after dyeing and finishing processes.

Manganese dioxide neutralisation agents

Removal of manganese dioxide deposits from permanganate bleaching processes.

Metal protection agents

Auxiliaries to prevent stains caused by metal applications in bleaching and dyeing.

Optical brighteners

Increasing the whiteness degree of garment articles made of cellulosic materials and their mixtures with synthetics.

pH regulators

Buffering systems, alkali and acid donors for the reliable adjustment of the pH value in various process steps.


Pigment discharge

Auxiliaries to achieve special effects in pigment discharge processes.

Sequestering agents

Sequestering of alkaline earth and heavy metal ions in pretreatment and dyeing processes.

Soaping agents

Aftertreatment of reactive dyes to remove dyestuff hydrolysates that impair the fastness properties.

Soft handle agents

Soft handle agents for garment articles of many different kinds of fibres.

Special products for handle

Auxiliaries for special haptic effects and soft handle agents with special additions.

Synthetic resins and additives

Auxiliaries for the synthetic resin finishing to achieve easy-care effects, permanent creases, loomstate effects, etc.

Water repellency / oil repellency

Auxiliaries for water, oil and soil repellent finishes.

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