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The CHT Group offers a wide range of innovative special silicones for both wet-end and finishing applications. Years of experience in the development of silicone products facilitated the development of tailor-made silicone molecules for the latest trends in the leather industry. Our products meet highest demands on innovation and quality together with a strong attention towards sustainability which is increasingly demanded by the quickly growing market. The silicone chemistry offers a wide range of special products for unlimited applications and no other chemical material offers such a variety of product properties like softness, gloss, water repellency, colour deepening, antifoaming, antistatic behavior or hydrophilic character.

Tanneries, leather goods manufacturers and shoemakers use the silicone technology to improve the look, touch, water resistance and durability of their products. Silicones give handbags a smooth luxury feel, while silicone wetting agents ensure that coatings are uniformly applied on leather to make fashion footwear look better. Other silicones incorporated into coatings keep leather breathable and maintain the good look of fashion articles by improving the abrasion resistance, reducing the penetration of water and preventing tanning oils from migrating out of the leather.

Special application fields

  • Amino fluids for wet-end
  • Wetting back solutions
  • Waterproofing systems for nubuck and finished leather
  • Colour matching compound for nubuck and suede leather
  • Special wax emulsion for shoe upper leather industry
  • Touch modifiers for synthetic leather
  • Silicone additives for friction improvement



We support the following applications with our products


  • Leather production

    Special applications

    • Finishing
    • Wet-end

      Products and assortments

      Colour intensifying agents

      Due to their refraction index silicones excellently refresh or deepen the colours.

      Gloss improving agents

      An agreeably silky gloss is achieved on numerous surfaces, particularly with silicone waxes. These products are therefore ideal as components for a successful care product.

      Water repellency / oil repellency

      HANSA carboxy-functional siloxanes are suitable for a permanent hydrophobic finishing of leather as well as for giving a touch modification. These hydrophobic agents can be used in the wet-end leather process for achieving a special hydrophobic finishing for the high quality shoe industry, like for example sports, trekking or safety shoes, as well as for leather garment applications. The CHT special acrylic acid stearyl methacrylate copolymers are ideally used in combination with the carboxysiloxane portfolio to improve the water repellency in the high quality shoe industry or leather garment. HANSA special water repellent siloxanes can be applied on nubuck/suede or finished leather by spraying either the pure product or diluted 1:1 in water to improve water repellency after

      Surface and touch modifiers

      HANSA special siloxane emulsions may impart a surface modification thanks to their reactive groups. These products can be easily incorporated in a topcoat formulation, but can also be used as handle modifiers for the final leather finishing. The main advantage of special reactive siloxanes is to keep leather soft and elastic, to modify the look and the feel as well as to improve the rubbing fastness. Special epoxy-modified siloxanes improve the soil-release properties in many leather finishing sectors like for example for the automotive industry.

      Process aids

      HANSA silicone polyethers are mainly recommended for wet back solutions just before the re-fatting process; they are very versatile products to improve the penetration of chemicals into leather pores and to reduce the demand of water in the drum. CORIOLEN LPD is a chemical auxiliary to be used in wet-end applications especially for improving the level penetration in dyeing processes, in particular on nubuck.

      Soft handle agents

      HANSA silicone emulsions improve the natural, authentic look of leather providing important properties such as water repellency or softness with a waxy, silky or fatty handle. Our organomodified silicones make synthetic leather softer and more breathable and may improve the abrasion resistance in many leather finishing formulations. Elastomeric or grippy touch modifications can be achieved using special amino siloxanes.

      Wetting and levelling agents

      Silicone polyethers are highly efficient surface, wetting and levelling agents. They can decrease the surface tension between the solid substrate and the liquid of a waterborne leather formulation and are therefore the perfect additives to improve the wetting and levelling behavior for an excellent finishing result. In general, polyether siloxanes are ideal for almost all kinds of leather finishing formulations. CHT has a wide range of polyether siloxanes and is one of the market leaders in this respect thanks to tailor-made solutions.


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