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EcoVadis sustainability ratings

EcoVadis sustainability ratings

CHT evaluates environmental, social and ethical impacts and risks

Since 2016, the CHT Group has been EcoVadis audited and certified regularely, based on documented evidence. The EcoVadis sustainability assessment is a globally recognized, independent and fee-based service for evaluating the business practices and  significant sustainability impacts of companies and supply chains.

Global provider of sustainability ratings

EcoVadis provides companies from more than 200 industries with holistic sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) ratings through a compelling technology platform. The EcoVadis platform helps companies document, manage and communicate their company's CSR performance in a clear and transparent way.

The EcoVadis rating covers a wide range of non-financial management systems, including environmental impact, labor and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement. Each company is evaluated on the subjects that are specifically relevant to its size, location and industry.

These evidence-based assessments are translated into scorecards with scores ranging from zero to one hundred (0-100) and medals (bronze, silver, gold, and platinum). In addition, the scorecards highlight strengths and areas for improvement that assessed companies can use to better target and improve their sustainable management. Individual corrective action plans promote optimization of company-specific sustainability performance.

Assessed companies can also see how their own company compares to their own industry and what potential for improvement exists. This provides additional optimal support for continuous improvements.

EcoVadis is recognized as the world's most trusted provider of sustainability assessments and has assessed over 75,000 business partners, including large multinationals, around the world. This has mitigated the risks of some of the world's largest companies while making a positive contribution to the environment, promoting transparency and driving innovation.

Current results rating 2024

Gold Medal for the CHT Group

Since 2016, the EcoVadis ratings of the CHT Group have certified a constant growth of our sustainability management and are permanently well above the reported industry average.

Compared to the previous reporting period, the overall score in the current rating increased again and now stands at 73 out of 100 points (+5). This is primarily due to the improved scores in the areas of ethics and sustainable procurement. The very good result in the environmental area was confirmed.

This puts CHT Group in the top 5% of chemical companies evaluated.

EcoVadis currently identifies the following measures as sustainability practices of the CHT Group that deserve explicit emphasis:

  • Implementation of voluntary sustainability reporting including materiality analysis
  • Corporate strategy is aligned with UN Sustainability Development Goals
  • CHT is a signatory of the UN Global Compact
  • CHT acts in line with the sustainability concept of the German Chemical Industry Association (VCI)


We are happy to provide business partners and stakeholders of the CHT Group with insight into the detailed results and evaluations at any time. Please contact our sustainability management team, who will provide you with access to the EcoVadis platform and the CHT scorecard.

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