BeSoRESPONSIBLE – your resource-efficient concept

Clothing is essential for our life. However, textile production requires a tremendous amount of energy and water.

Did you know that the fashion industry currently uses around 79 billion cubic metres of water? It is time for a rethink! With the BeSoRESPONSIBLE system, we empower you to save water, energy and CO2.

BeSoRESPONSIBLE is CHT’s best solution that can be tailored to your individual requirements, ensuring optimal efficiency during the entire textile dyeing processes. It is up to you to take responsibility!


Potential savings for different fibres

  • Sustainable optimisation of your processes
  • Ecological savings due to minimal consumption of water and energy
  • The key to strengthening your sustainability strategy
  • In support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • Measured by:
    • monitoring process time, consumption of water and energy, comparing to standard process


The effect can be achieved with these product ranges:



Selected BeSoRESPONSIBLE products

BeSoRESPONSIBLE can also be realised with other CHT products. Please contact us.


BeSoRESPONSIBLE – just one of our smart effects with character.

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