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With its versatile range of silicone elastomers (silicone rubbers) the CHT Group has been a long-time partner and supplier for numerous industrial core segments.

Our state-of-the art laboratories and production plants develop and produce silicone elastomers at three German sites forming the base and innovation back bone of the company.

Silicone elastomer systems stand out among others for their excellent temperature stability, their environmental friendliness as well as their excellent electrical insulation and isolation properties.

Know-how + Technology

The room temperature vulcanising (RTV) elastomers can be classified in two different crosslinking systems:

  • One and two component condensation crosslinking silicones
  • Two component addition crosslinking silicones

Due to the different features and properties of these two silicone types they can be processed and used in numerous application fields.

The CHT Group aims at developing and producing innovative, organo-modified silicone components that are incredibly versatile and can be used across many application fields. A great number of silicone-specific ways of synthesis such as condensation, equilibration or hydrosilylation reaction are available.

With the production of silicone elastomer masterbatches, an extraordinary combination of know-how and technology, we stand out from the majority of our competitors.

The CHT Group offers a sophisticated emulsification and compounding technology which enables our customers to easily combine the great number of products either as aqueous composition or as “ready for use“ RTV moulding compound.

Within our range we have recently developed LSR’s (Liquid Silicone Rubber). These liquid silicone elastomers are specifically designed for the use in fully automated industrial processes such as LIMS (Liquid Injection Moulding Systems). Additionally, we can support you with our highly specialised formulating additives which will offer total flexibility when creating your own formulations. 

Versatile and flexible

Our range focuses on room temperature vulcanising RTV components as well as LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) which are perfectly suited for the following application fields:

  • Model and mould making
  • Pad printing
  • Electropotting
  • Medical applications
  • Industrial bonding and sealing
  • Injection moulding

The CHT Group offers a versatile chemical competency across industries and markets making us the ideal partner for you. Couple this with our ongoing development of high-tech elastomers and our willingness to develop customer-specific and tailor-made product solutions together with you, the CHT Group is the perfect partner for you.

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Sector German title English title Type Date Language
Material SolutionsSilikon Gel AngebotSilicone Gels SeriesBrochure28.02.2019
Material SolutionsModifikatoren für SpezialanforderungenSpecialty Product EnhancersBrochure28.02.2019
Material SolutionsSilikonelastomere für nicht-textilSilicone elastomers non textileBrochure18.11.2014

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