Sustainable, high-performing effects and processes

Everybody knows these situations: You are mountain hiking and suddenly a rain shower comes up and the rain jacket lets through. After just a couple of washes, your favourite sweater has lint everywhere and no longer feels soft. The new yoga pants were only used a little and yet they are already out of shape. The expensive running shirt leaves an unpleasant feeling in summer, because the sweat is not properly transported to the outside.

Textiles literally surround us around the clock. We don't just wear them on our bodies, we also live and work in them.

No matter how active we are, our textiles have to go through a lot and have to provide top performance permanently and reliably. Functionality, durability and wear comfort are indispensable.

With the "Best Solution" concept, BeSoEFFECTIVE, the CHT Group offers an ultra-modern and powerful range of effects that provide textiles with high-quality properties.

Depending on the field of application, the innovative effects can be used individually and meet the highest demands in terms of performance and sustainability.

BeSoEFFECTIVE | Smart effects with character.