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Selection with system

The CHT Group has an extensive dyestuff assortment for all textile substrates, fastness requirements and procedures

The dyes for certain application fields are selected according to technology, performance and economy. Due to the fact that technology, performance and economy have often contrary effects, the right product selection is therefore decisive.

To facilitate the right dyestuff choice for your purpose, we have split up the product assortment of the BEZEMA range into Basic, Advanced and High Performance as well as special application products.

Our standard range for cost-related applications, e.g. for textile production in price-conscious markets.

This assortment consists of dyestuffs with optimised suitability for special requirements and production processes.

This segment contains only top products and specials based on latest technology. They are applied in high quality segments and comply with highest demands.

The BEZEMA product range classification pertains to all dyestuff classes.


We support the following applications with our products


  • Home textiles
  • Jeans and garment treatment
  • Socks and stockings producers
  • Technical textiles
  • Carpet industry
  • Textile finishing

Processes and effects

  • Printing
  • Dyeing
  • Dyeing of acetate
  • Dyeing of garment
  • Dyeing of polyacrylic
  • Dyeing of polyamide
  • Dyeing of polyester
  • Dyeing of wool
  • Dyeing of cellulose

Special application fields

  • Dyeing of military and protective clothing

Products and assortments

Acid dyes

Dyes for dyeing polyamide and wool in the neutral to slightly acid pH range. Stand out for their simple application, good general fastnesses, a high brilliancy and facilitates therefore a wide range of possible shades.

Basic dyes

Suited for polyacrylonitrile as well as for polyester fibres with cationic modification.

The assortment ranges from brilliant to black shades.

Direct dyes

Water-soluble dyes for cotton, wool and silk which in contrast to reactive dyes are only bound to the fibre through physical interaction and which must therefore have a high affinity to the substrate.

Dispersion dyes

Water-insoluble dispersion dyes for dyeing polyester according to the exhaust and to the thermosol process.


Water-insoluble pigments which together with a binder system are suited for textile printing and for dyeing nearly any fibre type.

Reaktive dyes

Suited for dyeing cellulose, regenerated cellulose fibres and their blends. Stand particularly out for their good general fastnesses, a wide application range and many different shades.

Vat dyes

Dyes with the excellent fastness level typical for this dyestuff class. Applicable on all cellulosic fibres such as cotton, linen and regenerates cellulose; meet highest demands.

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