Reach your goals in cellulose dyeing with BEZAKTIV HP


Extreme paths can only be accomplished with first class equipment. Reliable material is the basic requirement together with passion, commitment and functionality to achieve peak performances.

When dyeing cellulose fibres, the right selection of finishes is needed to reach the highest demands for world class achievement. The “high performance” dyestuff range contains products with different brilliance levels that are all perfectly compatible with each other. The high process reliability enables an ideal selection for all demands in exhaust as well as continuous processes.

BEZAKTIV HP is the right selection especially for muted, achromatic colours because it enables exact shade adjustments for a safe and reproducible dyeing process. Deviations in process conditions are the leading cause for poor reproducibility. BEZAKTIV HP is very robust to such deviations. In addition, highest light and wet fastnesses can be achieved with the BEZAKTIV HP range.


All advantages of the BEZAKTIV HP dyes at a glance:

  • Perfect to combine
  • High shade consistency
  • Excellently suited for all processes
  • Balanced dyestuff migration
  • No photochromaticity
  • Highest light fastness level and perspiration light level
  • Vast colour space coverage
  • High fastness to washing


BEZAKTIV HP - for perfect results when dyeing cellulose fibres in the exhaust and continuous methods.


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