BEZAKTIV COSMOS - Dive into unimagined colour depths


We can hardly imagine the dimensions of the universe - stars, galaxies and black holes always stimulate our imagination and simultaneously bring our fantasy to its limits.

BEZAKTIV COSMOS opens up new and unknown worlds since it enables you to an unimagined dimension of economical dyeing of dark shades which has so far been unknown to you.


Ultimate intensity

With BEZAKTIV COSMOS colour depths can be realised which have so far been unmatched. The darker the shade, the more intense the result will be.
Fantastic colours which are as brilliant, unique and impressive as stardust.


Economical or ecological dyeing?

With BEZAKTIV COSMOS you will no longer have to accept compromises because both aspects can be united! Compared to other products not only the necessary dye quantity is low but also the required electrolyte, alkali and water quantities. This not only helps save money but also reduces the wastewater quantities during dyeing due to the lower water consumption in the reduced rinsing baths.

Highest fixation degrees lead to a dramatic reduction of hydrolysates in the wastewater, which simultaneously minimises the costs for the wastewater treatment.
Moreover, BEZAKTIV COSMOS dyes are free from metals and thus harmless for humans and nature.

BEZAKTIV COSMOS unites economic demands with a good environmental conscience.


BEZAKTIV COSMOS – a true all-rounder

BEZAKTIV COSMOS is always the right choice, no matter if you apply the dye in the exhaust, cold pad batch or continuous process. The excellent build up to high colour depths facilitates an impressive dyeing result which will enthrall you.


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