Elastic and versatile polyurethane for textile finishing

ARRISTAN CPU is an innovative polyurethane for textile finishing which stands out for its versatile performance profile.

ARRISTAN CPU can be applied both in the padding and exhaust procedure.

Under the usual drying conditions a very soft, highly elastic film is already being produced. An additional fixation can thus be omitted, which results in an energy-efficient implementation of finishing procedures with ARRISTAN CPU.


On the whole, ARRISTAN CPU stands out for the following properties:

  • very soft and elastic handle
  • hydrophilic character
  • formaldehyde-free
  • suited for all fibre types
  • no fixation required
  • good wash fastness
  • applicable on whites
  • very good stability to shear forces

ARRISTAN CPU can be excellently combined with many products used in finishing.

Thus, ARRISTAN CPU can be applied for all kinds of effects:

  • as additive for modifying the handle and surface
  • for improving the abrasion fastness as well as pilling properties
  • as additive for easy care finishing
  • for increasing the elastic recovery (e.g. Advanced Stretch Finish)
  • for making synthetic fibres hydrophilic (e.g. Moisture Management Finish)
  • as additive for wool finishing

ARRISTAN CPU†produkt information site

Feel free to contact us if ARRISTAN CPU raised your interest.
Our staff will be pleased to help you when implementing new finishing effects.


Sector German title English title Type Date Language
Textile Auxiliary SolutionsARRISTAN CPU | Weiches, hoch-elastisches PolyurethanARRISTAN CPU | Soft, highly elastic polyurethaneTechnical information05.02.2018
Textile Auxiliary SolutionsVeredeln von PolyamidFinishing of PolyamideBrochure12.04.2017

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