Jeans and garment washing

Jeans is a unique piece of clothing. Why?

  • The denim used for jeans is made of a special weaving of dyeing und undyed yarn
  • The warp yarn of the denim is dyed with indigo, a special dyestuff.
  • The ring dyeing (only dyeing the outer fibres of the yarn) which enables the high-contrast ageing resp. used effect.

This special piece of clothing is also a challenge for the jeans washers.

The demands are equally high in the field of non-denims. The fluffy, soft favourite T-shirt should still look good after several washings without loss in colour and without pilling so that we can enjoy it for a long time.

CHT offers tailor-made auxiliaries for all steps in jeans and garment washing:

  • Desizing
    Highly efficient low temperature amylases ensure quick decomposition of starch sizes and low backstaining.
  • Stonewash
    Cellulases for processes at energy saving 30 C or for highly effective 45 C. Optimal formulation for strong results and low backstaining.
  • Biopolishing
    Effective anti-pilling with acid cellulases in GOTS quality or with neutral cellulases for lowest colour change and backstaining.
  • Anti-backstaining
    Special anti-backstaining formulations ensure that detached indigo remains in the treatment bath and at the same time ensures that the jeans are protected from dirt particles adhering to the fibres. Double protection for a good salt 'n' pepper effect.
  • Fastness improvement
    Particularly in seasons of more clean, darker styles, fastness improvement of indigo dyeings is a major topic. Especially the rubbing fastness is often a problem on dark denims due to the low dyestuff fixation. Here we have also solutions for various treatment methods.
  • Bleaching
    Bleaching activators for the hypochlorite and permanganate bleach of indigo help to exploit the entire potential of bleaching agents.
    Due to the fact that garment articles have often metal applications, it is important to have stabilisers in the peroxide bleach to prevent stains and metal corrosion (metal protection).
    Optical brighteners make white really glow.
  • Soft handle
    A softener for a special handle is a must for every piece of clothing. Denims and non-denims often make different demands on the softener. The main emphasis on blue denims may be the delay of indigo yellowing caused by harmful gases and on non-denims maybe to get as much as possible out of the various materials. Supersoft, creamy, waxy, hydrophilic or perhaps with fragrance or care substances?

CHT products leave nothing to be desired.

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