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Whistleblower procedure

Focus on human rights and environmental standards

Whistleblower procedure at CHT

Responsible, law-abiding and ethical behavior is of the utmost importance for the reputation of our company and the trust of our employees, business partners and the public. This also includes strict adherence to whistleblower laws and compliance with laws that focus on human rights and environmental standards.

We attach great importance to recognizing possible misconduct at an early stage and taking proactive measures to prevent violations. For this reason, we strongly encourage all employees, business partners and other stakeholders to report potential misconduct.

The following can be reported:

  • Violations of applicable law
  • Violations of human rights and environmental obligations arising from CHT's business activities in its own business area or those of one of CHT's suppliers
  • Human rights and environmental risks
  • Violations of the Code of Conduct and the values of CHT

Whistleblowers can use various channels to report possible misconduct

Reporting Channels for CHT Group employees

Directly to their line manager, the HR department or CHT's Head of Compliance.


Also by e-mail: codeofconduct[at]

By name or anonymously by phone, web or app* to our SpeakUp® whistleblowing system:

The SpeakUp® app can be downloaded here:

Reporting Channel for third parties

By name or anonymously via web in our SpeakUp® whistleblowing system:


All reports are thoroughly analyzed by CHT and processed in a fair procedure. All information is treated with the utmost confidentiality. The rights of the whistleblowers and the persons concerned are protected.
Whistleblowers who report potential misconduct in good faith will be protected. Any form of retaliation against whistleblowers is prohibited.


Whistleblower protection/data protection:

The identity and information of whistleblowers will be treated in strict confidence in compliance with the applicable data protection regulations. No reprisals or discrimination against whistleblowers will be tolerated. 
Information on data protection can be found in CHT's privacy policy.


Processing of information:

All information received are thoroughly reviewed and handled with the utmost care, speed and confidentiality. Only CHT's Head of Compliance and, where appropriate, other departments or investigators required for the investigation have access to the reported information and manage the process. 
Our Head of Compliance is not bound to any instructions. If necessary, he can also inform the Beitlich Foundation Board. 
Each incident is properly recorded and documented. Investigations are conducted in a fair and objective manner. The presumption of innocence applies to all persons involved until a violation is proven.
CHT responds consistently to identified misconduct, which may result in appropriate disciplinary action. Based on the facts established, a decision on the case and appropriate action will generally be taken by the relevant divisional managers and the HR department in cooperation with CHT's Head of Compliance. 
If necessary, CHT will also involve the relevant authorities.


Response and protection of whistleblowers:

We contact whistleblowers as quickly as possible. As a rule, an acknowledgement of receipt is sent within seven days of a report and a notification of completion or information on the status of the process is sent within three months. The response takes into account the confidentiality and right to privacy of all persons concerned.


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