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CHT Group Compliance Policy

In our business activities and conduct, we observe and comply with the law. Responsible and law-abiding conduct is of paramount importance for the reputation of our company and the trust of our business partners and the public. Together, we have a responsibility for the reputation of the company. To meet these requirements, CHT is establishing a group-wide compliance management system.

Responsibility for an effective compliance management system lies with the Management. The Head of Compliance manages the group-wide compliance activities and reports directly to the Management Board. To perform his duties, the Head of Compliance is supported by regional officers. They communicate regularly with the local departments and report regularly to the Head of Compliance.

The compliance management system is subject to continuous improvement and development.

With the introduction of the compliance management system we are even better able to promote adherence to compliance requirements and to punish violations appropriately. Our Code of Conduct is the overarching guideline for all companies in the CHT Group.

We enable our employees to report violations of regulations and internal guidelines, even across hierarchical levels. In addition to the personal communication with, for example, supervisors, the HR department or compliance officers - which we welcome as part of our corporate culture - this also includes our whistleblower system. It enables the anonymous reporting of facts. Any form of retaliation against the reporter is prohibited.



CHT Group Code of Conduct
Verhaltenskodex der CHT Gruppe


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