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Qualified and motivated

The CHT Group employs around 2,400 dedicated and highly trained employees worldwide within the 26 companies and at the associated production and sales locations.


In the composition of our teams, we attach great importance to the appropriate qualification of each individual. For us, individual personality is an important part of this qualification. Personal initiative and the assumption of responsibility are elementary prerequisites for satisfied customers, constructive business relationships and long-term success.


Through a value-oriented and cooperative management style, we create an atmosphere that promotes creativity, performance, satisfaction and personal development. This is the only way to create products of special quality and success for everyone involved.

Healthy and balanced

We consider our employees to be the most valuable asset we have. A long-term and productive cooperation with perspective is our highest concern. Professional training as well as personal development are our constant tasks.

With numerous measures and decisions, the CHT Group ensures that its employees are doing well. Be it within the scope of the company health management or through various social benefits. Our commitment does not end with the monthly payroll and usually goes beyond the legal framework.


Variety is our strength.

Diversity of characters, skills and cultures is essential to our success. We can all contribute our individual talents and learn from each other.

As a growing international company, diversity is already part of our DNA. We offer development opportunities for each of our employees, regardless of individual circumstances. We believe that diverse teams are successful and promote the talents and skills within our company. We value diversity especially in the areas of talent, nationality and culture, gender, age and generation.

We value the unique talents and individual personalities of our employees.

In our annual employee review (CHT Dialog), employees can name areas in which they would like to grow and develop. Based on this feedback, we find a variety of ways to develop the potential and talent of our employees.

We respect men and women equally and offer them equal opportunities at CHT.

A major focus of our recruitment is to increase the number of women in management positions at all hierarchical levels.

We promote diversity of nationality and culture among all employees.

In order to promote the cooperation and teamwork of our employees globally, we offer all employees of the company specific training such as "English as a corporate language" or intercultural training.

We promote and encourage exchange between different age groups and generations.

In this way, we ensure that valuable know-how and experience are passed on from generation to generation and that new developments can be taken into account in established processes.

Say YES to new professional challenges at CHT.

Changing the world for the better - that's what we stand for.

We want to drive change and have a lasting positive impact on technology, people and the environment.

Join us and become part of that change.

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