Brand & Retail Service

Brand & Retail Service

Excellent advice for strong effects

Traditionally, a wide range of innovative, sustainable products and applications is part of the CHT philosophy. We are a competent advisor and partner for suppliers and participants in the textile market. We look back on more than 70 years of experience along the textile value chain.

Today we are a leading company for sustainable textile applications and processes. We work every day to provide our customers and partners with optimal advice, support and supply with our Brand & Retail Service.

We see comprehensive consulting as a decisive success factor because requirements and processes in the textile industry are becoming increasingly demanding and complex. Laws and institutions are placing increased and higher demands on transparency. In addition, consumer awareness regarding the absence of harmful substances and product safety is immensely growing. 

Labels and certifications are increasingly being used to provide evidence of the ingredients and production processes of products. Bluesign, GOTS, ZDHC and other institutions are thus more and more influencing all textile processes and leading to stronger global monitoring and stricter conditions.

This makes it all the more important to have partners who can provide advice, support and experience in this area. CHT Brand & Retail Service is your chemical specialist at eye level. We support you in complying with and implementing ecological framework conditions and advise you on technical and economically sensible realization.

We support consumers, customers, brands but also NGOs, testing institutes and associations through creative cooperation with our knowledge, ideas and customized solutions.

CHT Brand & Retail Service is your perfect connector to the textile finishing company, but also to the merchandiser, the retailer and the brands due to its extensive networking, textile market knowledge and high process know-how.

Why Choose CHT Brand & Retail Service?

Comprehensive Consulting

As the textile industry faces increasingly demanding and complex requirements, we offer excellent advice to navigate this landscape. Transparency, absence of harmful substances, and product safety are paramount. We help you meet these challenges.

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Whether you're a brand or retailer, let's collaborate creatively. Together, we'll shape the future of textiles!

BeSo®EFFECTIVE - Smart effects with character

Sustainable, high-performing effects for textiles with function

Textiles surround us around the clock and we encounter them in all sorts of places in everyday life. Textiles are used in a variety of forms and they fulfil far-reaching functions often without our being aware of it.

Textiles are closest to us in the form of clothing. We wear different textiles made of various materials directly on our bodies all the time. We expect them not only to provide comfort but to also to provide care and protection from external influences, be durable and offer other functionality tailored to our requirements.

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