Product Safety

Product Safety

No compromises – no risks

The safety and protection of people and nature is of great concern to the CHT Group and is therefore manifested centrally in our corporate guidelines. We are aware of our responsibility and ensure that our products and production processes meet the highest safety standards.


Furthermore, we have voluntarily and self-committedly joined the worldwide "Responsible Care" initiative of the chemical industry. In our traditional field of operation, textile chemistry, we are involved as a bluesign® supporter and support the ZDHC initiative in its goals.


We support the goals of the EU - with regard to ensuring a high level of protection of the environment and human health - and are permanently working on their implementation together with other European chemical companies, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) and our customers.

CHT is a member and active in various expert groups

VCI e.V. – Association of the Chemical Industry

TEGEWA e.V. – Association of Manufacturers of Textile, Paper, Leather, Fur Auxiliaries and Dyes, Surfactants, Sequestrants, Antimicrobial Agents, Polymeric Flocculants, Cosmetic Raw Materials and Pharmaceutical Auxiliaries or Related Products

ETAD Organization – The Ecological and Toxicological Association of Dyes and Organic Pigments Manufacturers

Textile Standards

We meet the requirements of various industry-wide and company-specific standards that are imposed on the CHT Group by our customers, by brands and retailers, or by the trading sector.

The most well-known standards from independent organizations are:

  • bluesign®*
  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)
  • Cradle to Cradle Certified®
  • EU Ecolabel

* Here, the chemical products and substances used in a company are considered as well as the handling of the resources air, water, soil, and people and energy.


In 2011, a group of major apparel, leather, and footwear brands and retailers made a shared commitment to reduce or substitute hazardous chemicals from their value chain to ensure a safer handling of chemicals. This was the origin of the ZDHC Initiative.

The ZDHC Foundation includes representatives from the entire supply chain in the textile and leather industries, as well as associated and interested groups in these industries and the general public.

CHT Group assumes a leading role among chemical manufacturers for the textile supply chain. In this spirit CHT Group was one of the driving forces when a group of almost 10 internationally well-known chemical manufacturers decided to become ZDHC Contributor in summer 2019.

Together, ZDHC members develop and implement methods and tools for safer chemicals management. To conserve resources and the environment and to protect people and nature. The CHT Group contributes in several ZDHC Task Teams and is a member of the ZDHC internal Chemical Industry Advisory Group (CIAG). The CHT Group also demonstrates its capabilities with over 2500 products uploaded to the Chemical Module of the ZDHC Gateway. Almost 90% of these products have Level 3, the highest conformance level in the ZDHC Gateway. This makes the CHT Group the leader in the data exchange platform for demonstrating the conformity of chemical products regarding the ZDHC MRSL, another important tool of the ZDHC Foundation.

Associations and initiatives

In addition, we support and promote the improvement of the protection of people and nature through our membership in various industry associations. For example, we are a partner of the Responsible Care Initiative of the chemical industry. We are also actively involved in the German sustainability initiative Chemie³ of the German Chemical Industry Association (VCI), the Mining, Chemistry and Energy Industrial Union (IG BCE) and the German Chemical Employers' Association (BAVC).

ETAD - Ecological and Toxicological Association of Dyes and Organic Pigments Manufacturers
CHT Switzerland AG has been a member of ETAD since 1999.

ETAD was founded in 1974 to represent the interests of these industries on matters relating to health and the environment. It is an international organization and the member companies have operations around the world. ETAD coordinates the efforts of its members to minimize any possible adverse impact of organic colorants on health and the environment. Member companies are obliged to adhere to the ETAD Code of Ethics, which is based on the principles of responsible care. They must also comply with all national and international chemical regulations.

ETAD’s mission for a sustainable growth of the dye and pigment industry is to:

  • Provide a voluntary framework within which ETAD member companies and their value chain can cooperate for the benefit of health and the environment
  • Promote responsible care principles and product stewardship
  • Cooperate with authorities to harmonize health and environmental regulations.

Use of PFAS

CHT Group does not produce PFAS itself and obtains raw materials from safe sources to manufacture customer-specific products. The use of PFAS is carried out throughout the CHT Group in accordance with the applicable legal requirements. The CHT Group will comply with all existing and future regulations when dealing with PFAS.

For detailed information on individual products, please refer to our product safety data sheets.


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