index™23 - CHT presents innovative fiber auxiliaries and coating solutions for nonwovens

In Geneva CHT showcases its innovative fiber auxiliary range DURON at the nonwovens trade show. Moreover, coating solutions will be presented which can be declared as unmixed with the finished goods and thus do not interfere with the recycling process.

Nonwovens are ubiquitous in our daily life and society. We enjoy the benefits of those sophisticated and versatile textiles but we are often unaware of their presence. They can be found in baby diapers, crop covers, insulation, roofing, air and liquid filtration, gowns, drapes and plenty other different uses. With those end-use applications there is the need for high-end, efficient and innovative machineries with high production capacities to yield e.g. drylaid, spunlaid, meltblown, needlepunched, hydro-entangled and thermobonded nonwovens.

We, as CHT, support the nonwoven industry by providing with our DURON fiber auxiliary range indispensable process agents and smart chemistry to functionalize nonwovens to meet the increasing machinery producers, market, customer and regulatory demands. Additionally, we consistently integrate aspects of sustainability into our actions. We understand future sustainability trends and derive appropriate measures for our business. Sustainability remains deeply anchored in our company strategy. Energy and climate protection, portfolio management, supply chain responsibility, staff commitment and resource efficiency as well as responsible production are the focal points of our sustainability management.

Our permanent hydrophilic products for fibers and nonwovens used in absorbent hygiene products offer softness, for comfortable wear, excellent transfer of the liquid from topsheet to the acquisition distribution layer and subsequently to the diaper core to guarantee a dry and healthy skin. Our products also support the need for long term hydrophilic performance, especially after storage, and the upcoming demand for biobased raw materials. 

Circular economy represents a very important driver of new innovative product developments. CHT is increasingly developing product solutions that can be declared as unmixed with the finished goods and thus do not interfere with the recycling process.

At index™23 in Geneva CHT Group presents from April 18 to 21 its versatile portfolio of fiber auxiliaries and coating products. Come and visit us at our Booth 1259 and convince yourself of our innovative products. There we can also discuss your individual application profiles and present you our specific offer in the field of functionalization of textile materials.

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