Smart concepts for energy cost reduction and climate protection


Drastic increases in energy costs are a major driver of extreme inflation on a global scale. Not only private households, but also companies, which must use a lot of energy for their production, are under cost pressure and are confronted with immense economic difficulties. Companies are well advised to evaluate and implement all possible savings potentials in order to cushion the additional burden on the procurement side.

Energy consumption also plays an essential role in the ubiquitous context of corporate environmental and climate protection. After all, the resource energy is a decisive factor of the operational climate strategy and decisive for the reduction of emissions in Scope 1+2 of companies. The goal of climate neutrality is one of the great challenges and obligations of our time and is crucial for the future of our planet.

Within its TEXTILE SOLUTIONS, the CHT Group offers many approaches for manufacturing companies in the textile value chain to offset the high energy costs and additionally make a positive contribution to climate protection. Through process optimization and the appropriate use of innovative CHT textile auxiliaries and dyestuffs, not only is energy consumption reduced, but the use of water is also regularly minimized, or the general process time is shortened.

CHT offers its customers numerous concepts and optimally matched tools with which energy and resource savings can be implemented for various textile application fields.

  • Energy-efficient cold pad-batch leaching instead of pad-steam bleaching in continuous pretreatment.
  • Efficient pretreatment with the new polymer technology CPT (Comb Polymer Technology) to achieve good cleaning effects even with low liquor ratios and thus less water to heat up.
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  • 4 SUCCESS process for energy-efficient and resource-saving pretreatment and dyeing of cotton.
  • TIME BOOST, a method for fast polyester dyeing processes that leads to significant energy and time savings by eliminating the need for prewashing and shortening heating and migration times.
  • SHORT CUT for shorter process runtimes in dyeing polyamide.


  • OrganIQ EMS Jeans system that enables jeans finishing with state-of-the-art nebulization technology and lowest liquor ratios, as well as reduced application temperature compared to standard processes.
  • Gentle low-temperature fixation in the Easy-Care-Finishing
  • Use of polymer binders such as ARRISTAN CPU that do not require energy-intensive fixation.
  • Use of optimized special products in finishing and coating that support minimal liquor application devices such as spraying, kiss-roller or unstable foam coatings.
  • SCREEN-2-SCREEN with PRINTPERFEKT S2S, a textile printing system that supports wet-on-wet technology, thus eliminating the need for cost-intensive intermediate drying.


Depending on the process, product and machine use, up to 30% energy savings can be realized with CHT auxiliaries and dyes and the corresponding process optimizations. For this purpose, our application specialists work together with the customers to develop individual savings potentials that are specifically tailored to the production facilities and needs.

The CHT Group also sets great importance on marketing highly concentrated products whenever possible. This reduces transport volumes and thus customer logistics costs, while at the same time having a positive impact on transport-related CO2 emissions.

CHT Textile Dyes App

In addition, we provide smart digital tools that optimally support process optimization.

With the calculation program "BEZAKTIV Soaping Advisor" of the CHT Textile Dyes app, dyeing processes can be evaluated and improved in a simple and targeted manner.




Energy reductions can therefore be effectively implemented in various textile manufacturing processes and, more than ever, enable major cost savings. At the same time, the process solutions still make a non-negligible contribution to environmental and climate protection.

Contact us to make your textile processes more efficient, sustainable and future-oriented. We are happy to support you in the development of individual concepts for the reduction of your energy consumption as well as possible resource savings. 


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