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Smart silicone chemistry for e-mobility

The areas of application for e-mobility are growing rapidly. Advances in Electric & Hybrid Vehicle design continue to reduce component size and increase power output, resulting in a constantly growing demand for greater protection and better heat dissipation to maintain performance and life span of the vehicles. 

To meet these requirements CHT’s experienced Research & Development teams combined new filler technologies and formulating techniques to increase thermal conductivity across a range of silicone materials including adhesives, gap fillers, encapsulants, greases and gels.

Our expertise extends into all areas of one-part and two-part silicone elastomers with a strong focus on application-based solutions. More than ever, we ensure consistent development of forward-thinking technologies and products. Through smart chemistry we take care of sustainability. This thinking guides our developments in the area of future mobility concepts. Regarding electrification, autonomous driving and connectivity, our experts are constantly working on innovative materials.

How silicone elastomers benefit e-mobility

  • Efficient thermal management
  • Effective bonding and sealing
  • Exceptional optical clarity 
  • Protection from moisture and chemicals
  • Protection from thermal stress, vibration, and mechanical shock
  • Electrical conductivity

CHT’s silicone elastomers stand out for excellent temperature stability, environmental friendliness, very good optical characteristics as well as perfect electrical insulation and isolation properties. Due to their various features and advanced properties, silicone elastomers can be processed and used in numerous mobility applications.

Find out more in our ePaper E-MOBILITY and get to know CHT’s top-class silicone offerings for scopes like:

  • Lighting
  • EV Battery
  • Thermal System
  • Powertrain
  • Electronics


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