All relevant information about the Bezema Colour Solutions dyes assortment in in one place

Dyes TO GO - CHT Textile Dyes App

The CHT Textile Dyes App has been combining what belongs together for more than 10 years. The app offers comprehensive information about the CHT dye and pigment ranges for dyeing and printing.

Bundled color expertise in one place:

  • Color shade cards with color samples and technical information on all dye and pigment ranges 
  • Product profiles with detailed technical information on individual products
  • Product news on the latest developments 
  • Application brochures with recommendations on the important dyeing processes for dyeing and printing
  • Savvy calculation programs for resource management 
  • CHT Fashion News with seasonal trend colors and recipe recommendations based on the PANTONE® TCX system
  • Overview of company-oriented management and sustainability certifications and general information about the CHT Group

Smart calculation programs

In addition to comprehensive and detailed information about the dye and pigment ranges, the CHT Textile Dyes App offers in-app calculation programs that are quite something. Developed to make dyeing and printing results optimal and efficient and to save important resources such as water and energy as well as time, the calculation programs are a practical aid, and all of this free of charge for all app users.

Dispersion dyeing made easy! Optimally guided dyeing processes and precisely calculated quantities, based on the dye combinations input.

BEZAKTIV GO Berechnungsprogramm
Find out potential financial savings when using BEZAKTIV GO dyes compared to ordinary reactive dyes.

WellVAT - THE calculation tool for vat dyeing
Optimize processes with CHT dyes and auxiliaries, at any time and any place. In addition, the tool offers direct access to expert knowledge about the CHT’s vat dye range.

BEZAKTIV Soaping Advisor
In the dyeing of cotton using reactive dyes, the rinsing process consumes by far the most water, energy and process time in order to achieve a good fastness level. Optimization of the rinsing process is therefore most effective if focused on resource consumption and process time. The “BEZAKTIV Soaping Advisor” calculation program provides a predictive calculation of the fastness rating, which allows the optimum rinsing process to be determined and subsequently used.

CHT Fashion News

Not only technically up to date, but also fashion-wise one step ahead: the CHT Fashion News in the CHT Textile Dyes App provides exclusive insights of the world of trend colors, and that always one season in advance!

Matching theme worlds and images highlight the trends and stimulate creativity for the next fashionable collection. And the best about it: for an easy implementation of the trend colors, a selected team of dye and pigment experts tries out the trends and creates precise recipe recommendations for the CHT dye and pigment ranges. Let yourself be inspired!

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