How pigments bring color to life - and life to color

The colorful world of Paints

Green is hope! Yellow stands for freedom and red for love: color is emotion - and without it, everything is pale and grey.

Whether it's colorful dresses and T-shirts in summer, confidence-inspiring blue and calming sepia tones in doctors' surgeries and yoga studios or warning signs in bright red: colors convey feelings and associations, guide us in everyday life and influence our mood and taste.


Architects, designers and brands use colors specifically to convey mood, create recognition and communicate brand messages. The demands placed on paints, coatings and printing inks are correspondingly high: they must be resistant to environmental influences, have specific surface properties such as flexibility, abrasion resistance or food safety and meet regulatory requirements - all while maintaining color fastness.

This makes their production an art and science in its own right.

CHT Dispersing Additives

How does the color get into the paint?

The basic prerequisite for all these properties: insoluble pigment powder must be converted into liquid form and stabilized.

This involves breaking up the dry pigments made of mineral sources, metal compounds or organic pigments into the smallest possible particle size with the help of special dispersing agents and covering the entire surface with binder solutions. This stabilizes the pigment dispersion and prevents flocculation - the precipitation of particles.


What wetting and dispersing additives do for pigment preparations:

  • Faster wetting of the pigments
  • Improved stability of the pigment dispersion
  • Prevention of uncontrolled flocculation of the solids

For pigment pastes with the best color strength and long stability

The result is pigment pastes with the best possible quality and storage stability, ideal viscosity and high color strength. They add color to coatings, architectural paints and printing inks, are characterized by high pigment concentration and efficiency, easy processability, environmental compatibility and a permanently glossy and stable coating surface.

Find out more about SILCO® leveling, wetting and dispersing additives for use in the following areas

  • Architecture
  • Coatings
  • Concrete
  • Printing inks and paints


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