Whitepine Road 7820
23237 Richmond - Virginia
United States
Managing Director
Mr. Kenneth Kemerer
+1 800 852 3147
+1 804 271 9055

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The CHT USA manufacturing site in Richmond, Virginia utilizes the latest in silicone compounding and equipment.

The state of the art laboratory is fully equipped for testing and development. CHT USA has a wide range of manufacturing capabilities and a global team of silicone experts that can recommend, customize, and develop a new product for your specific requirements. The CHT USA team of offers a combination of profound market experience, industry and product knowledge as well as a service that exceeds all expectations. The silicone experts are happy to take on the challenge of your specific application and work directly with your team to develop your silicone solution.

Business contacts

Chris Douglas

Operations Manager

+1 804 495 4717
Matt Loman

Director of Customer Support

+1 804 767 3537
Anna Clark

Director Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety

+1 804 495 4718
Phil McDermott

Vice President Technology

+1 804 495 4719

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You have further questions or need information?

We will be happy to help you.