Head office
Wolfe Avenue 805
49031 Cassopolis - Michigan
United States
Managing Director
Mr. Kenneth Kemerer
+1 269 445 0847

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Founded in 1989, CHT USA Cassopolis, formerly ICM Products Inc. has grown into an industry leader in silicone chemical manufacturing. Known for our technological innovation and stringent quality control, we have developed an extensive line of silicone polymers, defoamers, gels and specialty emulsions.

We take pride in our advanced research and development capabilities. We have an effective pilot plant process for developing specialty products, as well as unique high pressure/high shear mixing capabilities that can produce millions of pounds of high-grade materials once full production runs are in order.

Our high standards and strong ethics in business are well known in the industry. We constantly strive to stay at the forefront of the changing regulatory and quality requirements for each industry we serve, while maintaining our unique abilities as a manufacturer of specialty chemicals. Though many customers find our location in the heart of the Midwest manufacturing belt convenient, our national distribution network enables timely delivery regardless of your location. Beyond delivery, you'll find our technical and customer service second to none.

Business contacts

Chad Pickle

Supply Chain Director

+1 269 445 0847
Paul McCarrick

Sales Director

+1 269 445 0847
Dr. Richard Hughes

Director of Operations

+1 269 445 0847[at]
Phil McDermott

Vice President Technology

+1 804 495 4719
Anna Clark

Director Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety

+1 804 495 4718

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You have further questions or need information?

We will be happy to help you.