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Im Steinig 8-18
72144 Dusslingen
Managing Director
Prof. Dr. Klaus R. Müller
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The Dusslingen plant covers an area of around 80,000 m². Comprehensive production activities and logistics are located here.

Our facilities meet all legal requirements regarding occupational health and safety and environmental protection. They are erected, inspected and operated in accordance with the applicable legal requirements and in line with the current state of the art and safety technology. The facilities are certified for quality management according to DIN ISO 9001, energy management according to DIN ISO 50001, environmental management system according to ISO 14001 and occupational health and safety according to ISO 45001.

From the fully automated high-bay warehouse with approx. 10,000 storage spaces, products are shipped worldwide using an efficient and safe logistics concept.

Safety information for the Dusslingen plant

The production plant in Dusslingen (Germany) has been subject to the extended obligations of the Major Accidents Ordinance since 2005. The information brochure (Residents' Safety Information/Anwohnerinformation Sicherheit) informs residents about possible hazards in the event of an incident and the protective measures to be taken. Further information in the event of an incident can be obtained from the permanently manned citizens' hotline.

Our plant is monitored by the Regional Council. The last on-site inspection in accordance with Section 17 Paragraph 2 of the Major Accidents Ordinance took place on September 30, 2023. More detailed information on the on-site inspection and the monitoring plan in accordance with § 17 Paragraph 1 of the Hazardous Incident Ordinance can be obtained from:

Regional Council Tübingen | 72072 Tübingen
Phone: +49 7071 757 0 | Fax: + 49 7071 757 3190
E-mail: poststelle[at]
You can also obtain additional environmental information there.

Business contacts

Dr. Andreas Bartsch

Head of Plant

+49 7071 154 557
Günther Schätzle

Head of Technology

+49 7071 154 535
Gerina Theinert

Occupational safety

+49 7071 154 532
Achim Scharm

Head of Procurement

Bürgertelefon Dusslingen

Citizens' Helpline Dusslingen

+49 7071 154 577


You have further questions or need information?

We will be happy to help you.


You have further questions or need information?

We will be happy to help you.