WE TAKE CARE | We take over responsibility

Our comprehension of sustainability

We consider that corporate sustainability is more than just an obligation towards future generations; it is also a long-term and successful strategy for the future which combines economic success with social and societal responsibility and the protection of the environment.

Sustainability is the basis of our company. It complies with our culture and our self-perception as a global commercial company.

As a foundation-owned company rooted in tradition, the CHT Group has already experienced sustainability aspects for a very long time.


Learn more about sustainability at CHT on the following pages and in our Sustainability Report.






Sector German title English title Type Date Language
CorporateNachhaltigkeitsbericht 2019Sustainability Report 2019ePaper02.10.2020
CorporateÜbersichtsblatt | Nachhaltigkeit bei CHTFact Sheet | Sustainability at CHTDocument02.10.2020
Textile Auxiliary SolutionsNachhaltigkeit für TextilienSustainability for textilesBrochure26.10.2017