CHT Turkey Kimya San. ve Tic. A.Ş.
Akçaburgaz Mah. 3118. Sk No:2
3118 Esenyurt - İstanbul
Managing Director
Mr. Eyüp Kaya
+90 212 886 79 13
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CHT TURKEY KIMYA was founded as a subsidiary of the CHT Group in Istanbul in 1990. Due to the growing interest in the Turkish textile industry, CHT has developed well within a short time. Thanks to its investment policy it is presently active in facilities with around 20,000 m2 open and 8,000 m2 closed area including production, storage, quality control and research and development activities.
As we aim at meeting customer demands just on time, more than 2,000 different products are kept ready in our warehouse. Some of these products are produced at our local plant in the guaranteed CHT quality.

Wide product range of CHT Turkey:
• Pretreatment • Dyeing • Fibre auxilaries • Textile printing • Coating • Textile flocking – screen printing • Garment • Finishing • Construction & Assembly • General Industries • Recycling

In line with our customers’ demands, CHT SWITZERLAND AG, another company of the CHT group, offers textile dyes to the Turkish textile industry. Equipped with state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, our plant can ensure the quality control at every stage of production beginning from raw material input up to offering solutions to our customers’ problems.

Laboratory activities of CHT TURKEY KIMYA include Quality Control laboratory, Instrumental Analysis laboratory, Application laboratory and Research and Development

In line with our customer requirements, we additionally offer our service at their plants during the product implementation stage and make on-site trials. In order to meet our customers’ needs rapidly, we have also branches outside of Istanbul: in Çorlu, Bursa, Denızlı and Gaziantep. Our goal is to give full support and service to our customers which we also expect from our business partners. As a member of CHT group, CHT Turkey will apparently continue to be the preferred solution partner in the Turkish textile market as well as in the industrial adhesive and construction markets, thanks to state-of-the-art laboratory services, production technology and trained manpower.


Business contacts

Candaş Yetilmez

CSO / Sales & Marketing

+90 212 886 79 13
Canan Göktepe Doğan


+90 212 886 79 13
Berna Ergün

Marketing Manager

+90 212 886 79 13

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You have further questions or need information?

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