The CHT sustainability activities ensure victory in the national Responsible Care competition

Within the framework of the nationwide Responsible Care competition 2018, CHT Germany GmbH was awarded the first place in the competition of Baden-Württemberg for its sustainability project "Reduction of the use of critical raw materials". The award ceremony took place on the 17th of August 2018 in the premises of the VCI Baden-Württemberg.

In the annual "Responsible Care competition", the industry association VCI regularly awards prizes to so-called lighthouse industrial projects. Projects are considered that reflect and implement to a large extent the responsibility assumed by the chemical industry in Germany. Responsible Care has been the basis for action in the chemical industry for 25 years and stands out for continuous improvement with regards to health, environmental protection and safety in chemical companies.

In 2018, the subject of the competition was "Our contribution to the UN goals for sustainable development".CHT won the Baden-Württemberg competition in 2018 with its process, which manages the reduction of critical raw materials in the company. This project was launched by CHT as part of its sustainability commitment already in 2015. The expert judging panel gave the following reasons for their choice: "CHT, a company with a long tradition, has been acting and operating sustainably for a long time. As one of the pilot companies of the "Chemie hoch 3" initiative, management and employees have been working intensively on the three dimensions - especially on the subject of "critical raw materials" since 2015. A total of 1,900 raw materials have already been evaluated. 20 percent of them have been classified as critical, 8 percent have already been replaced. CHT has also defined 10 critical raw materials that are to be replaced or reduced significantly by 2020. CHT has therefore created new applications, initiated research and development for environmentally and health-friendly raw materials and supplied its customers with the new materials.

Such a project in medium-sized chemical companies is certainly a beacon.

"We are delighted that our high level of commitment to sustainability has been acknowledged with this election," said Dr. Frank Naumann, CEO of the CHT Group. "We see sustainability as our long-term perspective for the future. This success motivates us to consistently pursue our commitment to sustainability and the goals we have set ourselves".

Dr. Frank Naumann received the award in Baden-Baden together with the second winning company Roche Diagnostics, Mannheim.


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