Kickoff for 11 apprentices

Highly motivated apprentices began their apprenticeships in Tübingen and Dußlingen

2 Industrial Technicians (Marco Buck and Jerôme Häbich), 2 Chemical Production Technicians (Marco Kallenbach and Matthias Zur), 1 dual course student (Jan Stähle) and 6 Chemical Laboratory Assistants (Konstantinos Daoultzis, Niklas Hanel, Mia-Malin Schirmer, Leon Stopper, Aybüke Yücel and Markus Wiedmaier) began their apprenticeships at CHT R. Beitlich GmbH the beginning of September.

During the introductory week the new apprentices could get familiar with the company, their trainers and get to know each other. Aside from touring the various departments at the headquarters in Tübingen as well as the production site in Dußlingen, the organisation structure was explained and information on important company agreements was given. Teamwork was also part of the week with the goal of solving mutual tasks. Everyone could convince with their individual strengths and talents which helped to achieve a great team spirit.

At the end of the introductory week, the youth delegation organised their traditional barbecue with existing and new apprentices. In a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere it was easy to exchange experience and get helpful tips for the apprenticeship.

CHT R. Beitlich GmbH wishes all a good start and an interesting and successful apprenticeship.