Winner of European Inventor Award 2019 sets on CHT flock adhesive

Antifouling by Finsulate® flock wrap for boat hulls

Nature inspired the Dutch material scientist and inventor Dr. Rik Breur to come up with the brilliant idea of preventing biofouling on ships by means of a flocked surface structure.

So far, this problem is typically counteracted by the use of antifouling paints releasing toxic heavy metals to the waters. Breur’s Finsulate® flock wrap, however, is an environmentally friendly, sustainable approach honoured now by the European Patent Office (EPO).

With its prickly structure the flocked surface prevents the growth of algae, barnacles and mussels on boat hulls. Sea urchins, for instance, use such a biological defence to repel potential settlers.

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CHT was able to support Breur realising his vision with a high performance flock adhesive from the TUBVINYL product range. Incorporated into TUBVINYL, the flock is completely harmless to the environment and will bear up to the extreme requirements on open sea for years.

Keeping the surface free from biofouling improves the hydrodynamic performance and decreases the overall fuel consumption. At the given margin 40% savings are possible. The laborious cleaning can also be saved when Finsulate® flock wrap is applied on the hulls. Dr. med. Rik Breur’s approach is environmentally friendly from several perspectives.

The CHT Group is proud to be able to make a smart contribution to this innovative product with the TUBVINYL technology.

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