Business Field Construction

Dr. Bernd Schenzle CHT Group

Dr. Bernd Schenzle is the new Head of the Business Field Construction of the CHT Group

Since 1st January, 2016 the Business Field Construction has been under the new management after Dr. Bernd Schenzle’s entry. In 2015, CHT gave the Business Field a consistent structural realignment in order to improve the service in the individual segments for the customers and the market. Dr. Schenzle contributes a lot of expertise just in this field to the build-up of new global business segments and in the strategical Key Account Management.

Aged 49, he has a Master in Business Administration (MBA), studied chemistry at the University of Ulm and graduated there with a doctorate. He started then his professional career at Henkel AG & Co KGaA in 1997. At Henkel Dr. Schenzle worked in different management positions in Research and Development, Business Development and the Sales Department.

In the Business Field Industrial Adhesives in the USA, inter alia, he was responsible for the Product Technology in the field of automotives. Furthermore he was Country Manager for Henkel in UK.

With the CHT Group he has ambitious plans, and together with his team he has firmly in view the objectives of the Agenda 2020. He strives to increase present sales by improving profitability.

This business field currently supplies markets of mineral systems, paints and coatings as well as the lightweight construction market with products and system solutions based on the five core competences of water repellency, rheology, defoaming, deaerating, cleaning, wetting and surface modifications.