BEZEMA AG opts for green energy

The company’s philosophy of the CHT/BEZMA group relies on sustainability. Under the slogan, -“we take care“ -, the group of companies intensively deals with ecological, economical and social sustainability.

The present activities of BEZEMA AG at the site in Montlingen also show that, “we take care of the future of our region”, as Detlef Fischer, CEO of BEZEMA AG points out when talking with enthusiasm about the new photovoltaic installation on the roof of the BEZEMA AG. About 800 m² solar panels immediately provide usable energy supply for the competence centre for dyes.

Recently solar cells have been sparkling on the roof of BEZEMA AG in Montlingen. 480 solar modules had been installed to produce 110.000 kWh of energy per year. This environmentally friendly produced energy is fed into its own net and directly consumed by BEZEMA AG. At present on the whole 10 per cent of their own energy consumption can be covered by themselves.

In addition to the new photovoltaic BEZEMA AG takes further measures concerning energy. From now on an electric car will be available for the colleagues as pool car.

Formulating their guiding ideas BEZEMA AG truly took up the cause of “We love/live sustainability”. With the banners set up at the company‘s façades, the company puts again into focus its objectives on site.

“Everybody is motivated by something. Realising these projects BEZEMA AG is driven by values such as sustainability, progress and innovation. Those are our core values which completely correspond to our company’s philosophy. However, with regard to this as supplier of speciality chemicals we are sometimes underestimated. The project of green energy is a great chance to show people what the BEZEMA AG can do as progressive enterprise at the site itself”, says Detlef Fischer.


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