SEPAWA CONGRESS 2022 | Exciting chemical innovations for Home Care, Personal Care and Car Care

From 26 to 28 October 2022, the CHT Group will be present at the SEPAWA® CONGRESS at the ECC ESTREL CONGRESS CENTER in Berlin with its own booth (B 301/302) to present its innovative and sustainable expansions of its HANSA® CARE and CHT-BeauSil™ ranges.

The focus will be on HANSA® CARE 7140 ECO and HANSA® CARE 9640 D for home, car and boat care, as well as CHT-BeauSil™ GEL 8187 EM and CHT-BeauSil™ GEL 8015 for skin care and CHT-BeauSil™ RE-AMO 919 EM for hair care.


The fluorocarbon-free HANSA® CARE 7140 ECO is particularly suited for formulating wash-in impregnations for textiles in the washing machine and, due to its chemical structure, leads to very good hydrophobicity on all synthetic textiles. 
HANSA® CARE 7140 ECO is also suited for impregnation of glass, lacquer, leather, wood, mineral substrates, etc. Especially in the field of car, aircraft and boat care, paint and glass sealants based on HANSA® CARE 7140 ECO show particularly good resistance and allow easy removal of dirt.

HANSA® CARE 9640 D can be incorporated into a wide range of care formulations to provide beneficial properties such as water repellency, improved gloss and color depth, and a pleasant touch. 
HANSA® CARE 9640 D can be used in car polishes, in waterless car cleaning, for sealing as well as in leather, furniture and vinyl care products.

CHT-BeauSil™ GEL 8187 EM is a silicone crosspolymer that results in a pleasant, smooth skin feel in a very short time. This emulsion can be added to the water, oil, and silicone phase as desired and can be processed both cold and hot. The product is an ideal raw material for the formulation of face masks.

CHT-BeauSil™ GEL 8015 is a matte silicone crosspolymer that imparts a silky, cushiony skin feel, masks wrinkles and supports moisturizing. The product is the perfect base for all make-ups, day, and night creams as well as lip gloss and sun care. 

With CHT-BeauSil™ RE-AMO 919 EM, the CHT Group offers a sugar-modified silicone that consists of more than 94% recycled monomers and yet offers the same product quality as classically produced silicones. In hair care products, it leads to an improved combing behavior as well as smoothness and gloss in the hair. 

The SEPAWA® CONGRESS offers a perfect mix of technical presentations by international experts on innovative developments and research results, as well as an exhibition area with more than 300 companies presenting their latest products and trends in the detergents and cleaning agents as well as cosmetics and perfumery industries. 

Visit us from 26 to 28 October 2022 at our booth B 301/302 and convince yourself of our latest product developments in the field of Home, Personal, and Car Care. In the area "Application-oriented Posters SEPAWA® e.V." CHT will present its innovative CHT-BeauSil™ RE-AMO 919 EM with poster 30.


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