Fluorine-free water repellency with zeroF

CHT zeroF

Environmentally friendly functional textiles

Outdoor and sportswear textiles must meet particular climatic and functional demands. So far, water repellent clothes have been finished with fluorine polymers which are highly efficient but also bear risks for the environment.


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There is also another way – Textiles finished with our fluorine-free alternative zeroF also show very good water repellency and are simultaneously completely environmentally friendly. zeroF is a synonym for innovative and ecological functionality. The textiles stand out for their excellent water repellency and breathability. zeroF shows a long lasting performance and is optimally suited for outdoor clothing to brave any kind of weather.

CHT zeroF

This is how the fluorine-free alternative works

Unlike finishes containing fluorine zeroF is based on raw materials which neither during production nor during the application contain or release any environmentally critical substances such as PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid). The impregnation is produced on a fluorine-free polymer base.

zeroF – one brand, many advantages

Textiles with the zeroF label...

  • are free from fluorine and APEO
  • are highly water-repellent
  • are breathable and washfast
  • are excellently suited for sportswear textiles, outdoor articles and protective rain wear
  • support the sustainabilty and are environmentally friendly
CHT zeroF

We offer zeroF products in below application fields:

Finishing of outdoor and sportswear textiles, athleisure, casual and business wear 









We also offer products for the fluorine-free water-repellent treatment in the fields of Jeans and Garment as well as of Textile Care.


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