Silicone Hybrids | Universal talents for façade hydrophobization

In standard paint and plaster formulations silicones are typically used to adjust the hydrophobic properties of the coating material.

For years, the combination of polysiloxanes and silicone resins in paints has been regarded as state of the art for excellent water protection. Polysiloxanes are mainly responsible for the early water resistance and the beading effect. The silicone resins additionally reduce the water absorption and have a much better water vapour permeability compared to organic resins.

VARIPHOB® HY 200 and VARIPHOB HY® 300 can be used to create formulations containing only one product as a hydrophobic component. This simplifies recipes and reduces the number of the used raw materials.


Properties of VARIPHOB HY 200 and VARIPHOB HY 300:

  • All-in-one hydrophobicity by hybrid technology
  • Save resources (lower amount of raw materials / transport costs / storage)
  • Reduced dosage possible
  • Reduce strongly the capillary water absorption
  • Provide an excellent water vapour diffusion value
  • Shorten drastically the re-drying time
  • Generate a high flexibility
  • Increase the surface hydrophobicity which leads to a good beading effect
  • Reduce the dirt pick-up properties
  • Increase the early water resistance
  • Stable in the coating for a long time
  • Free from alkylphenolethoxylates (APEO)






In architectural paints or plasters we recommend a combination with the following products:

HANSA ADD 5435 Defoamer

AGOCEL I-115 D | Rheological additive

CALOR SIL | IR-Absorber for “warm white” effect


Depending on the final specification and level of quality different dosages of the hybrids are recommended:

1,0 - 2,0 % for a hydrophobic paint

4,0 - 5,0 % for a high performance paint

7,0 % for a premium silicone resin paint


Please find the exact recipe in the product flyer.
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