Textile-reinforced concrete | A construction material for future generations

In the future, the use of textile-reinforced concrete will bring greater choice and flexibility in the design and manufacture of supporting components, façade and concrete elements. By replacing conventional steel reinforcement with innovative textile fibre in the design of the structure, additional architectural projects can be realised which were previously considered impossible.

Styles such as as filigree construction, thin lightweight panels and geometric and curved designs can be produced using the essential properties of the system. Compared with steel reinforced systems the lighter weight, higher strength fibre textile systems give lower maintenance costs without corrosion of reinforcement. These physical properties can be achieved whilst making considerable reductions in the use of raw materials such as water, cement, and aggregate, as well as energy. Making the system more attractive in terms of sustainability and ecological construction.

To create strong and durable structures using textiles and concrete, the different materials must be combined to form a load-bearing unit. In order to fully utilise the performance of these composite materials, two essential parameters are crucial:

  • Expertise in the fields of construction chemicals and mineral systems as well as technical textiles
  • Know-how for formulation and application of coating materials to optimise the fibre-cement-composite

As a globally active company in the application and optimisation of technical textiles and the development and sales of chemical auxiliaries for the construction industry, the CHT Group is in a unique position to offer the ideal foundation for this new technology.



CHT high-performance components for carbon, glass or basalt fiber systems:

TECOSIT R H-0N | Binder

TECOSIT PC H-0C | Binder

TECOSIT R D-9C | Binder

TECOSIT R C-1N | Binder

TECOSIT X-21 | Fixing agent


Further information can be found in the brochure "Textile-reinforced concrete".
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