The sustainability targets of the CHT Group

Our focus lies on the development of products and processes which contribute to the sustainable development of industrial processes. Thus we increasingly provide products and process solutions to our customers which contribute to a sustainable development. In the future we strive to continuously increase our contribution to ecological products.

Furthermore, we always consider ecological and social criteria in the selection of our suppliers.

We have identified and prioritised relevant sustainability aspects for our Group of Companies. We took these aspects up in projects and defined targets which we want to implement in the coming years within the entire CHT Group.

Our sustainability targets

Introduction of an energy and resource management system at all CHT Group sites in Germany (2015), with a step-by-step rollout into the CHT Group.

Sustainable product range: Screening and evaluation of chemical raw materials.

Sustainable product range: Evaluation of the entire product range on the basis of sustainability criteria. In 2016 a sustainable core assortment was defined for each business field. It is our aim by 2020 to also evaluate the local product ranges regarding sustainability.

Support of the ZDHC initiative, brands and retailers during the revision and definition of future chemical standards valid for the worldwide textile production.

Strengthening of the value-based company culture Implementation of the Code of Conduct including a training programme in the company group started in 2016. In addition, the CHT Group will join the UN Global Compact.

Roll-out of the company guidelines “I am / We are 2.0” within the entire CHT Group of companies.

Implementation and follow-up of sustainability criteria in the suppliers’ rating.