Standards we meet

The CHT Group must meet further requirements besides legal regulations.

Our customers and we as a result must face an increased number of standards for the textile industry issued by reputable certification bodies and also company standards of different brands, retailers and of the trade.

The most widespread standards of independent organisations besides company standards:

  • bluesign®
  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)
  • Cradle-to-Cradle® (EPEA)
  • EU Umweltzeichen


The dedication and the responsibility of CHT are illustrated by the fact that we have decided to become a bluesign supporter in 2008.
Our decision was based on the comprehensive assessment of risks and hazards by the bluesign overall concept. This concept deals with chemical products and substances used by the company and also the process of managing air, water, soil, people and energy.


We also give our active support to further interesting initiatives of the textile industry, the ZDHC initiative created in 2011. (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals).

The initiative presently comprises 18 brands and three textile associations for apparel and sports and leisure equipment. The roadmap of this initiative set a target to create a new standard for environmental protection and manufacturing conditions for the global apparel and footwear industry by 2020. There have been seven projects launched. The CHT Group plays an active role in three projects as an advisor, and we also take part in the entire process of three other projects.

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Sector German title English title Type Date Language
CorporateZDHC EmpfehlungslisteZDHC Recommendation ListDocument17.12.2018
CorporateH&M EmpfehlungslisteH&M Recommendation ListDocument28.05.2018
CorporateLIDL EmpfehlungslisteLIDL Recommendation ListDocument08.05.2017
CorporateTESCO EmpfehlungslisteTESCO Recommendation ListDocument30.09.2019
CorporateCHT GOTS Positiv Liste | FarbstoffeCHT GOTS Positive List | DyestuffsDocument22.08.2019
CorporateCHT GOTS Positiv Liste | TextilhilfsmittelCHT GOTS Positive List | Textile auxiliariesDocument17.09.2019
Corporatebluesign | Liste zugelassener Produktebluesign | Approved Product ListDocument11.09.2019
Textile Auxiliary Solutionsbluesign | Pasten für Siebdruckbluesign | Screen print pastesBrochure21.09.2017