Release agents

CHT silicones are commonly used as release agents for manufacturing processes within a wide range of industries from food processing to industrial production, medical devices and home cooking products.
Silicones are highly effective in releasing thermoformed materials due to their extreme temperature resistance and ability to provide a durable non-stick barrier between the mould surface and the manufactured part.


Other typical release applications for CHT silicones are in the rubber and tyre industry, composite/engineered wood, polyurethanes, plastic injection moulding systems and the die-cast industry.

Main applications for the release agents market:

Conventional release agents: individually applied prior to moulding each item; the conventional release agents are aqueous emulsions with low molecular weight silicones.


Semi-permanent release agents: designed to form a cost effective, durable, more impact-resistant polymeric layer that provides excellent lasting slip and release properties. These are higher molecular weight PDMS, elastomeric PDMS, and/or amino-functional polysiloxane emulsions.


ˇ Food-grade release agents: We offer a wide range of PDMS emulsions with special emulsifier and preservative packages which comply with FDA requirements for the food industry.


Product range:

amino-modified or PDMS emulsions

quaternary organo-modified siloxanes

polyether-modified polysiloxanes

amino-modified polysiloxanes

carbinol-functional silicones

amino-modified silicone emulsions

alkyl-modified polysiloxanes