Quality and safety

The most stringent requirements concerning our products, highest level of safety and respect to the environment were and are of central concern for the CHT Group, and these aspects determine company policies and provide guidelines for strategic planning. These have formed the basis of our worldwide reputation and success for over 65 years.


Certification and accreditation

The global branches of the company group are certified comprehensively according to international and national standards. We have the best resources worldwide in all regions both concerning technical facilities and the quality of our personnel.

The German and Swiss businesses have a leading role in this respect. With the introduction of our certified quality management system, we set up an integrated management system comprising all company activities as early as 1993.
Additional certifications concerning the energy, environment and accredited laboratory fields establish very high working standards for business areas in the long term.

Certifications presently held at CHT Germany GmbH:

  • Quality: ISO 9001:2015
  • Environment: ISO 14001:2015
  • Occupational Health and Safety: ISO 45001:2018
  • Energy: ISO 50001:2018
  • Cosmetic - GMP: ISO 22761:2008-12
  • Analytical laboratory: ISO 17025:2005


All available certificates of the CHT Group can be found in the  Media center


Safety Policies

The CHT Group has implemented an active occupational safety and health policy. From providing the appropriate working clothes and personal protection equipment, to labelling hazardous substances and hazardous areas, safety training and safety drills, periodic medical checks by a competent occupational doctor and occupational first aid training—there is a multitude of measures implemented for the protection of employees and preserving their health.

Trained professionals including occupational safety engineers and safety professionals are available for the implementation of occupational safety requirements. Events are recorded and evaluated systematically and the resulting insights are used for improvement and preventive measures.


More information about the environmental policies of the CHT Group are available under  Sustainability.

Work Safety and Health Policies

Work safety and health protection belong to the top priority of our management. On the basis of this responsibility, they are obliged to maintain and further develop an appropriate work safety and health management (AGM) (general health measures) in the company organisation in which all employees are qualified, motivated to participate actively and according to their responsibilities.

The prevention of injuries and illnesses of all persons belonging to the organisation is top priority. We strive to achieve this goal by continually developing and improving our services in AGM and consequently complying with all legal and voluntary obligations.

At all levels of the company and the entire safety-related area of influence, we provide information on our commitment to work safety and health protection, train employees to meet their responsibilities and assist in the prevention of hazards and risks.

In an annual review, we check the appropriateness of the management system and the measures taken to ensure that we meet our targets for work safety and health protection.